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Sales Price Manager

Defining complex price structures made easy

This smart, browser-based app facilitates the definition process of complex price structures and provides an intuitive, comprehensive overview of all product prices.

Workflow support on a large scale
Enable your employees responsible for planning and sales to manage prices for all types of products in a transparent way, including scales for products. Price scales, periods, and edition prices are supported.

Prices for each customer
Sales Price Manager allows defining customer-specific price lists. The models featured in the app make it possible to determine prices by time period, or by product edition. A full price history is provided.

In combination with the ‘Global Sales’ license, contractor-specific price models can be defined in a transparent way.

As product prices are always allocated on an ISBN or article number level, the connection to a specific product is always clear.

Fit for sales on an international stage

Not only net and gross prices are supported by the app, but also multiple price types and currencies. Dedicated price generation for different countries based on freely configured rounding rules is also possible.

Creating new price entries and updating existing prices is easy.

Price management on a STREAM level: smart & intuitive
This app runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based technology platform for a great user experience on any type of device.

A key element of the STREAM responsive design and user interface is to make data – and analyses of this data – intuitively visible and understandable, so time savings can be achieved.

By providing the ‘Version Family Navigation’ feature in Sales Price Manager, all products of a version family are clearly arranged and presented on the screen, and it is easy to switch from one product
edition to another for managing prices.

Like in all STREAM apps, the search functionality is ultra-fast. In the configurable search results list, items can be worked through by successor/predecessor loading.

Other elements to make life easier when managing prices are favorites lists and the grid view option.

The ‘Price’ API supports the entire functionality of the Sales Price Manager.


  • Makes the definition process of complex price structures easy
  • For all types of products (scales, periods, edition prices)
  • Customer-specific price lists (price models based on time periods and product editions)
  • On ISBN / article number level
  • Multiple price types and currencies; net / gross prices
  • Automatic generation of foreign prices
  • Contractor-specific price models supported
  • Prices history; favorites lists
  • Great UI on any type of device; makes creating and updating prices a simple task
  • ‘Version Family Navigation’: intuitive overview and way of switching from one item to the other
  • Grid view
  • Search results in the blink of an eye; configurable results list


See the broader picture of your title information

While Sales Price Manager is the app you should rely on for handling prices, there are other STREAM products that can be seamlessly integrated for managing title information and quality:

  • Title Life Cycle Manager – a highly configurable tool to manage title types, structures, and metadata in an intuitive manner
  • Product Quality Manager – makes it easy to monitor and enhance metadata quality on both a (large) title list and a single product level