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Title Life Cycle Manager

Three configurable apps in one to make an editor’s life easier

On the cloud-based STREAM platform, editors can make use of three apps combined in one highly configurable tool to manage title types, structures, and metadata in an intuitive manner. All workflow steps of adding and editing data are easy and straightforward on any type of device. 

Video on Title Life Cycle Manager - Part 1

Video on Title Life Cycle Manager - Part 2

Three apps as three different views on managing the entire product life cycle

Early Title Manager is a smart app that enables editors to create first drafts without cluttering the system with data for titles that will, eventually, not be published, as evaluations show that they are not ready for market. Planning and budgeting tools for doing a first calculation can be used, even if only little information on a planned title is available. All workflow steps from entering first pieces of information and metadata to preparing for getting the title approved at the Editorial Meeting are covered.

Title Structure Manager is relevant for creating and defining the characteristics of new titles based on title templates, so you can save time. ‘Title families’ enable users to combine different version types and formats of the same intellectual property. Planning an audio book or e-variant to follow a book that has already been published or managing parallel versions can be done in a few clicks.

Title Metadata Editor facilitates entering and editing metadata at a highly customizable level by selecting from various scenarios. You decide which attributes and data should be included in your workflow and thus can create your own user interface for title management.

Dashboard with ultra-fast search functionality for managing titles

Features of the STREAM apps Early Title Manager, Title Structure Manager, and Title Metadata Editor are accessible using one single, unified dashboard with a central search functionality. As most tasks start with editing an existing title or using a specific title as a basis, intelligent filters can be selected, so your search results will be very precise to save time: ‘drafts’, ‘forthcoming’, or ‘published’ titles – or specific ‘series’ only.

Of course, it is also possible to create new titles, series, sets, and templates from scratch.

All necessary options are available when working on a title basis, such as editing the structure or the metadata, or creating new products (also as part of a ‘version family’).

Search results as ad-hoc exports

Searching with STREAM apps happens in the blink of an eye. In Title Life Cycle Manager, the results are not only available as an intuitive list with thumbnails but can also be presented in a highly configurable ‘table view’.

The results displayed in this view can be exported to MS Excel®, and users can also do a preliminary ad-hoc catalog export based on the configuration of the style sheet for the ‘table view’ option.


  • 3 cloud-based apps in one highly configurable tool to manage title types, structures, and metadata
  • Early Title Manager: planning and budgeting tools for doing a first calculation for title drafts
  • Title Structure Manager: new and parallel versions for existing titles made easy
  • Title Metadata Editor: title management tailored to your specific needs with various scenarios
  • Available on the STREAM platform: intuitive, customizable, easy & fun to use on any type of device
  • Dashboard with customizable, ultra-fast search functionality based on all titles or specific series; intelligent filters (drafts, forthcoming, published)
  • Option to check the quality of your title metadata (provided that Product Quality Manager has been licensed)
  • Configurable ‘table view’ (grid view) for search results; can be exported to MS Excel®
  • Create preliminary ad-hoc catalog exports based on search results in table view
  • Templates are available for all key types of entities
  • All apps are seamlessly integrated in one central tool and offer smooth jump out functionality to other STREAM apps