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Cloud-based contract management made easy with Klopotek STREAM

Using the web apps Contract 360°, Contract Manager, and Contract Workflow Manager – all seamlessly integrated

Contract Management

Are you in Contract Management, Legal, or Editorial? If so, you can now benefit from optimized contract management processes. With Contract Manager, you’ll benefit from a Wizard to help you to set up new contract documents using a workflow-driven approach. Our smart app Contract 360° will boost the productivity of employees in need of royalty and contract data.

Contract 360°

Contract 360° provides a complete 360° view of all contract information with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard.

Key features and benefits
  • 360° view of contract data for Editorial: information center for jumping to other CRR and TEP applications

  • Fast state-of-the-art search functionality

  • Can also retrieve information from third-party applications outside of Klopotek

  • Bookmarks; recent activities (shared with Contract Manager)

  • Arrange widgets on your personalized dashboard as desired

  • Widget ‘families’ for contract, royalty, and royalty recipient information

Your Contract Information at a glance

This will be your basic master information center on contracts and the associated royalties of and payments to an author: Contract 360° provides a complete 360° view of all contract information to the users in your Editorial department with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard.


This powerful collaboration tool comes with the widgets Contract Parties, General Contact Information, a Chart on Contract Advances and Royalties, Payment Terms, and many more.


You can edit your dashboard by adding widgets, and you can edit the settings: how you want to view the information on your screen. Each individual widget can be modified. So, you can move them around, collapse or expand them to see more information.


This is how you start your workday – get quick access to key data, also to collaborate with other departments:

  • sub rights available with acquisition contracts

  • the royalty rules of acquisition contracts

  • the revenue generated from sold sub rights

  • the sold rights acquired by signing a contract

  • the available rights

Having checked all relevant information, you can now start working on selected contracts…

Contract Manager

The Contract Manager supports the Editorial Department in the acquisition process of intellectual property – be it from authors, agencies, or other publishers

Key features and benefits
  • Provides a clear overview of all active projects with status information on rights acquisition, negotiated terms, and monetary aspects of a deal

  • Changes to contractual terms are tracked; follow-up tasks can be monitored

  • Contract Wizard for setting up new contracts

  • Contracts can be created for components of works or products

  • Define responsibilities and edit contract parties and contract validity, assigned products or works, deliverables, payments, royalty terms, and rights

  • Option to edit multi-contracts

  • Create and edit contract templates for future use


Makes creating, storing and handling contractual agreements easy and transparent

Contract Manager provides a clear overview of all active projects with status information on rights acquisition, negotiated terms, and monetary aspects of a deal. Changes in contractual terms will be tracked in the system.

Fast and direct interaction with no loss of information or time

The highly sophisticated and fast search functionality of the app is keyword-sensitive and can browse through large databases of contracts in a wink of an eye. Contracts you need to look into repeatedly can be bookmarked (this information is shared with the Contract 360° app which is seamlessly integrated).

Need to quickly set up a new contract? Let the Wizard guide you

Creating contracts in the app is an easy and straightforward process: The Contract Wizard guides users through all the steps that are necessary, from entering basic information to assigning the parties, specifying an agency, assigning works or product lists, and confirming the contract data.

Contracts can also be created for components of works or products, so making agreements for granular content is covered by the app.

Edit multiple contracts and use templates to speed up processes

When managing contracts, you can – among many other options – define responsibilities and edit contract parties and contract validity, assigned products or works, deliverables, payments, royalty terms, and rights. It is also possible to change the contract status at the touch of a button.

Reduce time and effort: Contract Manager also provides the functionality of creating and editing contract templates for future use.


Contract Workflow Manager enables you to easily create and manage contract documents and ensures the transparency and manageability of the signature process. Modifications to contract data can be tracked by comparing the different contract versions that are saved in the system.

Key features and benefits
  • Quick, on-the-fly generation of MS Word®, PDF and Open Office documents

  • Visual comparison of contract versions

  • Customizable approval processes for contract documents

  • Tracking and follow-up of contract party signatures

  • Full process documentation from document preparation to signature and provision

  • Digital signature: integration with Docu-Sign® (100% in accordance with the law in the EU and Switzerland)

  • Support for relevant portals as well as smartphone/tablet apps

  • Integrated with Klopotek CR&R (Contracts, Rights & Royalties) - Classic Line

Now integreated with DocuSign®!

Contract Workflow Manager

Manage and track the entire contract life cycle


Improving contract workflows will help you save time and always have contract- and rights-related information at hand.

The Workflow Tracking feature of the app enables you to control, monitor, and document the contracting process from the first draft through approval and signature via defined workflows.   
Using Contract Workflow Manager, you can also manage the templates for contract printing and compare contract versions.

Of course, this is also an app for printing contractual documents in an optimal way.

From an agreement completed in Contract Manager, you can go directly to the Contract Workflow Manager by clicking on the ‘Go to contract documents’ icon which takes us to the ‘Contract printing’ work area.

A workflow consists of several phases, in which one or more tasks must be completed by a responsible position before the workflow can enter the next phase. There is a start phase, which is set automatically when a new contract is created, and an end phase, when the workflow is marked completed. Workflows can be configured individually.

Contract documents can be created for a single contract or as a mass process. To do the latter, you search for all contracts in a particular contract phase, select all of them and start the document creation.

Integration of DocuSign: avoiding traditional snail mail/ ‘offline’ signatures

DocuSign is an external tool that allows sending contract documents to your authors asking them for signing these documents digitally. It informs you if the recipient has signed or declined to do so. Signatures that have been done using DocuSign are legally binding in the EU and Switzerland. 

As this tool has been integrated into Contract Workflow Manager, authors who have agreed to use this option (this information is added in the Business Partner Pool) can sign their contracts digitally, either after having been asked to do so by email or via our Authors Online app (the actual signing happens in the DocuSign portal). 

As part of submitting the contract to the author, other people can be cCd, so they will also know if the author accepts or declines the offer. Once the contract has been signed, the documents will automatically be uploaded to the Klopotek DAM (Digital Asset Management system) and the contract data will be updated (signature done / start date of contract being effective). 

Track the digital signature process

You can create text & subject line templates for sending contracts to your authors for signing, and you also have the option of automatically sending a reminder after a specific period of time (or cancelling the offer) in case you did not receive an answer. 



Comprehensive royalty account information at a glance

The Royalty Accounting Manager has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive royalty account information to our users.

Klopotek STREAM for Contracts, Rights, and Royalties

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