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Product Dashboard Apps

Complete 360° view on all product information with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard

As your basic master information and control center, our dashboard apps provide a complete 360° view on all product information to the various functional types of users in your organization with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard. It also provides seamless and fast jump-out functionality to other applications.


Kickstart your morning: see all product data

relevant to you at a glance

Product 360° & Product Quality Manager

At the start of your working day, or when checking information remotely on the way to a meeting or from home, wouldn’t it be helpful to get started and structured to see all the product information that’s relevant to you at the blink of an eye?

Klopotek’s configurable Dashboard Apps, based on intuitive STREAM technology, provide a quick & comprehensive overview of product data from the perspective(s) need.

Quickly browse through your products and check the metadata quality: can the ‘VLB Gold Status’ be achieved? Are you happy with the sales data for a specific product, or will it require attention during your workday? And/or what about the information from your warehouse, will new copies of a different product soon be needed? Simply arrange your personal dashboard by drag&drop.

The highly sophisticated and fast search functionality of Product 360° is keyword-sensitive and can browse through large title databases in a wink of an eye.

Peter Karwowski, CTO

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STREAM Title Management Apps

Metadata Management

You know about the importance of providing high-quality metadata to various players in our industry, but the processes you have in place to achieve this are complex and difficult to get organized and completed?

Title and Work Structure Management

Managing 'works' (intellectual property) and creating titles based on these works helps you to be more efficient.


Our integrated apps make all aspects of metadata management easy to handle while you complete your daily tasks, almost on the side. You select or even design your own scenarios and workflows and decide which data has to be added at which point in time, in which quality.


Intuitive process steps enable you to stay focused on what you’re doing at the moment, while the apps ensure that all relevant metadata is taken care of when managing title types, information, and structures.

Title Life Cycle Manager

Three configurable apps in one to make an editor’s life easier

On the cloud-based STREAM platform, editors can make use of three apps combined in one highly configurable tool to manage title types, structures, and metadata in an intuitive manner. All workflow steps of adding and editing data are easy and straightforward on any type of device.

Early Title Manager is a smart app that enables editors to create first drafts without cluttering the system. Planning and budgeting tools for doing a first calculation can be used, even if only little information on a planned title is available.

Title Structure Manager is relevant for creating and defining the characteristics of new titles based on title templates, so you can save time. ‘Title families’ enable users to combine different version types and formats of the same intellectual property. 

Title Metadata Editor facilitates entering and editing metadata at a highly customizable level by selecting from various scenarios. You decide which attributes and data should be included in your workflow and thus can create your own user interface for title management.

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STREAM Expert Metadata Tools


Project Management

Your sophisticated project schedules for bringing titles to market, including dependencies, are all done, but now priorities have changed, and important employees will not be available for a while – how to shift tasks? Or the management has just decided, in order to cut costs, that product deliveries will, from now on, only be done once a week, or purchases from suppliers only once a month – how does this affect your planning?

Notification Dashboard will be an ‘always up’ application like Outlook. From my point of view, it is a smart productivity planning tool as opposed to something that is an arduous necessity. It will be an indispensable tool to help us reach our 2030 house goal of doubling our yearly titles.


Gregory Miller,

Business Systems Manager



With the powerful app Scheduling, calculations and recalculations, even of complex projects, are only a matter of a moment.


Gantt charts visualize all the elements you need to see to understand how changes will affect your planning.


Notification Dashboard

Schedules are created and modified by specialists, but many people’s daily tasks at a publisher are affected by these plans. If a delay is caused, many other tasks may be delayed as a result, putting the overall project success at risk.


Klopotek provides a configurable notification dashboard to all employees, so everybody in the company will always know what has to be done by when.


Production Management

In production, bringing your titles to market on time requires that many of your suppliers’ products are delivered early enough. Will everything arrive within the right time frame? Do you have to react quickly to delivery or shipping problems? Do you need to switch vendors or ask for cooperation? And can your suppliers contact you easily, pointing to the right order they need to talk to you about?


Enable faster time to market of your products

STREAM technology enables you to handle the order and controlling processes of vendor services in an easy and transparent way – cloud-based, so only a browser is needed to get everything done. You are guided through the order placement workflow, and contacting vendors about a specific order is easy, not just for you but also for them, as they also get access to the tools for getting in touch.


Make managing compliance and exploiting rights a simple task

Permissions and Compliance Management

You’ve acquired various rights, but for which types of traditional and digital publications, exactly, limited to which extent, and for how long? Licensing agreements are often based on complex specifications, and violations of the rules that have been agreed on can be costly, if legal action is taken against you.
Using our smart STREAM app Permissions and Compliance Manager, you can handle every aspect of the metadata necessary to acquire licenses, track their use, and manage compliance. The solution helps you to reduce expenses, compliance risks, and vendor costs, while increasing the quality and value of your content.


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