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Contracts, Rights, and Royalties - brought to a new level

Handle all crucial tasks from rights acquisition, contract creation, and royalty accounting to rights selling and rights accounting with fast and intuitive cloud-based apps on STREAM

Klopotek STREAM for Contracts, Rights, and Royalties

Contract Management

Reaching agreements with authors, including creating transparent contracts and making payments exactly adhering to these agreements, is a critical element of the publishing business. Is your solution fit for this? Or do you often have to search for contracts and check the details, or is processing royalty statements a lengthy process and prone to errors (your authors will complain about)?

Contract Management

Deals & their implications: choose software support for essential elements of publishing


Makes creating, storing and handling contractual agreements easy and transparent

Cloud-based contract management is a simple task with Klopotek STREAM. Contract 360° displays all the information that is relevant to you. The Contract Manager provides a clear overview of all active projects with status information on rights acquisition, negotiated terms, and monetary aspects of a deal. And the Workflow Tracking feature of the app Contract Workflow Manager enables you to control, monitor, and document the contracting process from the first draft through approval and signature via defined workflows.        

Royalty Accounting

Specially designed to provide comprehensive royalty account information, royalty managers and publishing team members, business analysts and rights accountants can access all relevant information at one glance.

Royalty Accounting

Comprehensive royalty account information at one glance


The Importance of Accurate Royalty Calculations & Statements - Employ Our Royalty Accounting Manager

Making payments exactly adhering to agreements with authors is a critical element of the publishing business. Is your solution fit for this? Or is creating royalty statements a lengthy process and/or prone to errors your authors will complain about?


Royalty Accounting Manager provides instant access to archived royalty statements and payment remittances, enabling users to easily answer author queries. Using dashboard technology, Royalty Recipient Manager helps you to handle all the details that are legally requested for calculating royalties according to the laws and rules of author associations in different countries.