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Be flexible while ensuring project success

Project Management Apps

Your sophisticated project schedules for bringing titles to market, including dependencies, are all done, but now priorities have changed, and important employees will not be available for a while – how to shift tasks?


With the powerful app Scheduling, calculations and recalculations, even of complex projects, are only a matter of a moment. Gantt charts visualize all the elements you need to see to understand how changes will affect your planning.


Create schedules according to your needs for all phases from idea2approval to publication

Scheduling is a powerful, generic app on the cloud-based STREAM platform that allows you to flexibly define schedules for all phases of the entire product life cycle.

As complex planning activities are in most cases done by specialists, the application provides two different modes: for experts and for users, i.e. an Expert Scheduling Dashboard (for establishing relations between tasks that are to be completed by employees in a specific period of time) and a User Notification Dashboard (for seeing and being told which tasks ‘I should complete’ in which order).

In time? In budget? Get all the necessary calculations for your project

Intelligent calculation procedures, based on complex algorithms, can be used for the entire schedule(s). Depending on your selection, the app will display results based on working days or time frames. You will know when the individual tasks of the project have to be started; due dates can be specified. It is also possible to use ‘ranges’ for your calculation, i.e. earliest or latest start date/end date.

The system will proactively notify you about any problems regarding the schedules, e.g. if a specific task cannot be started early enough or if you’ve made changes to the plan that will not work or make it impossible for the project to be completed in time.

Key features and benefits
  • A powerful, generic app on the cloud-based STREAM platform that allows you to flexibly define schedules for all phases of the entire product life cycle

  • Comes with two different modes: Expert Scheduling Dashboard (for establishing relations between tasks) and a User Notification Dashboard (for seeing and being told which tasks need to be completed in which order)

  • Project schedules can be linked to all types of entities on every level

  • Entities can be linked to several schedules, or they can be elements of the same schedule

  • Intelligent management of resources

  • Calculation procedures based on complex algorithms

  • Automated notifications about changes to schedules, tasks that need attention, and completed tasks

  • Smart tools for creating schedules & templates for future use

People don’t have to struggle through getting default schedules and updates in; they just do their ‘First steps inside’ with the guide, and they’re rolling. You might think that releasing that number of people on a new Scheduling solution is going to be daunting, but as it’s so easy to use, it’s going to be easy.


Gregory Miller,

Business Systems Manager

Notification Dashboard
Notiication Dashboard.png

Notification Dashboard: what’s on my list for today – and for the upcoming weeks?

Key features and benefits
  • Individual, holistic views on ‘my schedules’

  • Options to check the details of a schedule

  • Filtering options

  • Assign tasks to colleagues

  • Notifications & alerts

  • Individual exports


Always see what's next for you to do

Schedules are created and modified by specialists, but many people’s daily tasks at a publisher are affected by these plans. If a delay is caused, many other tasks may be delayed as a result, putting the overall project success at risk. Klopotek provides a configurable notification dashboard to all employees, so everybody in the company will always know what has to be done by when.

This type of dashboard presents individual, holistic views on the schedules and tasks ‘I am responsible for’ or ‘I am involved in’. It is also possible to access schedule details to understand the individual workflow steps and tasks.

When checking their tasks, users can use filters such as ‘highest priority’. They can also forward or assign tasks to colleagues, including sending attachments, if required.

If tasks are (over)due, notifications will pop up in the app and be emailed to the accounts of the employees who are responsible for completing these tasks.


Integration option for checking the quality of your schedules

If used in combination with the STREAM app Product Quality Manager, project schedules can be linked to the progress of the individual product creation workflow (or product creation process).


Quality checks can then be applied to the statuses of individual tasks and milestones. So, beginning or completing selected tasks of the project schedule can be a quality label of the entire process.

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