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Kickstart your morning: see all product data relevant to you at a glance

Complete 360° view on all product information with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard

Product Dashboard Apps

At the start of your working day, or when checking information remotely on the way to a meeting or from home, wouldn’t it be helpful to get started and structured to see all the product information that’s relevant to you at the blink of an eye?

Product 360°

As your basic master information and control center, Product 360° provides a complete 360° view on all product information to the various functional types of users in your organization with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard. It also provides seamless and fast jump-out functionality to other applications.

Key features and benefits
  • 360° view of product data: information center for jumping to other applications

  • State-of-the-art search functionality including thumbnails of products

  • Bookmarks; recent activities

  • Browse through set relations and set structures

  • Configure widgets individually

  • Arrange widgets on your personalized dashboard as desired

  • Use the same widget multiple times to compare data

See all title information relevant to you
at the blink of an eye

Product 360° links directly to Klopotek’s system-wide Product Pool but can also retrieve information from third-party applications outside of Klopotek (e.g. show stock information from a distributor).

The highly sophisticated and fast search functionality of Product 360° is keyword-sensitive and can browse through large title databases in a wink of an eye. It includes cover thumbnails of titles.

Recent activities which have been done using the app are stored, and ‘top titles’ can be bookmarked.

Reduce complexity with Product 360°: you can browse through set relations and set structures, so handling products assembled in sets becomes easy. The app shows how your titles are connected/combined (in sets, in series, etc.) in a tree structure which makes it easy to navigate from one title to the other.

This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices. It provides direct and smooth connections to other STREAM apps (such as the Classification Manager) as well as the Klopotek Classic Line for handling specific tasks.

Inventory Manager
Screenshot 2021-03-22 at 15.45.28.png

Benefit from a full overview of your stock inventory or a detailed view at title level to reduce costs, making use of personalized alerts and watch lists: it becomes easy to decide when additional stock or products need to be produced 

Key features and benefits
  • A comprehensive overview of titles: information from warehouse, sales, and production – plus forecasts based on real sales data

  • Helps to reduce costs across the supply chain

  • Enables you to clearly determine when your publishing products should be reproduced

  • Helps to define the initial stock amount for new products

  • Makes it possible to avoid overproduction without a loss in sales and to achieve an in-time production process

  • Takes into account standard KPIs as well as target figures and real sales

  • Integrates individual forecast models and algorithms based on reference products

  • Determines individual minimum stock values based on chosen forecast model

  • Personalized, automated alerts if KPIs start differing from estimates

  • Individual watch lists for titles that should be monitored can be created

  • Parameters of watch lists are freely definable; titles can be added manually


Check your stock inventory at a glance and reduce costs across the supply chain

Klopotek’s Inventory Manager can help you reduce costs across the supply chain, as it enables you to clearly determine when your publishing products should be reproduced. This is made possible by making use of two views that can be presented next to each other:

A full ‘observer’ or ‘monitoring’ overview of your entire stock inventory and all titles (or specific groups of titles)

In addition to standard KPIs such as ‘critical stock’ and ‘minimum stock’, this smart app also takes into account forecast figures and real sales. Forecasts are automatically calculated based on reference sales figures and adjusted to each individual product. In addition, minimum stock values are automatically calculated based on the determined forecast figures. This is also helpful for estimating the required minimum stock for new productions. As the difference between forecast and real sales is made transparent, your users in Title Management, Editorial, and Production can determine the best possible moment when additional stock or products should be ordered.


A detailed view at title level for specific products that are particularly relevant

Next to the comprehensive ‘monitoring’ overview, the app can display all relevant information at single title level. As the data is directly accessible and understandable at one glance, your users can directly decide on production-related actions, e.g. reprinting.

With the Inventory Manager, you can avoid overproduction without a loss in sales and achieve an in-time production process.


Make sure that all necessary title information is complete and accurate by employing Product Quality Manager, the app to check and enhance metadata quality, so your titles are more likely to be found on the internet. Your metadata will be accepted by all distributors without any complaints.

Key features and benefits
  • Improving your metadata will ensure that your titles are more likely to be found on the Web

  • Provides both a (large) title list level and a single product level view

  • Offers numerous widgets for enhancing metadata quality, but is also seamlessly integrated with the Product 360° app 

  • The quality required for important industry standards, such as ONIX, can be controlled 

  • Intuitive STREAM technology with a highly configurable dashboard; widgets can be tailored to the individual needs of various types of users

  • Charts and clear views on titles/areas help to prioritize tasks, as the publication date nears

  • Helps to make title import processes for distributors such as Amazon smoother

  • Can be used to clean up your Product Pool

  • Supports a workflow-based approach for putting together and checking metadata

  • All quality rules and criteria, plus all workflow and approval steps, can be adapted in the Process Validation Manager STREAM app which is directly connected

Product Quality Manager

Interactive reporting dashboards help you to achieve excellent product metadata quality: Product Quality Manager


Makes it easy to monitor and enhance metadata quality on both a (large) title list and a single product level   

Backlist titles are often used as templates for creating new titles in ERP systems without checking in the first place if all metadata will be correct for the new title. And there are various other reasons – such as switching to a new system, adapting to changing market requirements, acquisitions of products from other publishers, etc. – why titles are often associated with wrong or incomplete metadata.

Improving your metadata will ensure that your titles are more likely to be found on the Web, and you will benefit from a greater acceptance among your distributors.

Our smart tool brings monitoring and improving metadata to a STREAM app level: easy to work with, accessible from anywhere and on any type of device. To cover all relevant aspects in this area, Klopotek’s Product Quality Manager provides two views on data management: the (large) title list and the single product level.

Title list level: check and manage large lists in a smart and simple way

The intelligent adaptive user interface shows all relevant information from different angles: the overall metadata quality level of the respective list, the progress of improving the data quality as the publication date of titles nears, and important quality issues.

Individual watch lists enable your organization's users to keep track of the quality status of all titles in the list, identify issues and areas where information is missing, compare the quality level of titles, and track the ‘bad’ ones.

All widgets can be configured based on user-specific criteria – including imprint, division, subject, user assignments – to create lists of titles that are tailored to the team that works on these products.

Single product level: see which types of metadata need adjustments next to scheduled publication date

As this STREAM dashboard technology product is an extension of our highly configurable Product 360° app for a comprehensive overview of product information, widget ‘families’ for both metadata and general product data can be combined to give all types of users (data quality managers, but also editors and people in production) exactly the information they need.


You decide, it’s your workflow: Validation Manager

STREAM puts you in charge of deciding what is important at which point in time: all quality rules and criteria, plus all workflow and approval steps, can be tailored to the functional roles of the users at a publisher using our Validation Manager app. This STREAM product is the administrative basis for the Product Quality Manager.

Designed for You: Our Title Management, Editorial, and Production Processes

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