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At Klopotek, we have a solution (and not just a product) approach to assisting our customers in reaching their goals. Our Global Services and Managed Services departments can help you with a wide range of offerings tailored to your business requirements.

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On-Premise / Private Cloud / Public Cloud

Benefits of Klopotek's Cloud Solutions

Benefits of Klopotek's Cloud Solutions

There is no such thing as 'the' Cloud. In fact, following introducing and making available Cloud Computing at the end of the 1990ies, a number of specific Cloud models have become established in the market. The most important ones are the Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Multi Cloud.

Companies and organizations can select their preferred model according to their individual needs. Klopotek offers the Private and the Public Cloud.

Public Cloud:

Our offering is multi-cloud: You can also opt for the Public Cloud – this can be compared to moving to your private flat in a house shared with others; however, with the exception that you will not notice the presense of the others. This model is the preferred choice of small and independent publishers, but by no means restricted to this group of Klopotek users. You make use of a service subscription to our cloud-based STREAM web apps and a shared environment (multi-tenant) at one of our safe, GDPR-compliant data centers. Update cycles occur on a regular basis at dates specified by us. (Read more: Why WPG has selected the Klopotek Public Cloud)

Private Cloud:

Moving to your Private Cloud is like moving into a rented house that is all to yourself. Just like having selected our on-premise model, you'll benefit from a license & maintenance contract for using our software. There are strict & binding SLAs (service level agreements) with Klopotek for operating the software at one of our safe, GDPR-compliant data centers. All updates are done in coordination with you. (Read more: Why Brill has selected the Klopotek Private Cloud)


While completing a software implementation project and running the system in house is still an option preferred by many of our clients, a growing number of organizations has considered other options.

Visit our data center

Visit our data center

In Germany, Berlin we are using the NTT's Global Data Centers to run our systems. Check out their website for more information.

NTT data center logo_edited.png

What do we do to protect your data?

What do we do to protect your data?

For our North American Systems we are relying on Cologix close to our offices in New Jersey, USA.

We constantly check our Cloud Services for any weaknesses or vulnerabilities and, in so doing, receive top evaluations. See it for yourself in a live example

In addition to this, Klopotek has adopted even more and stricter measures. In collaboration with the service provider DCSO, we ensure best-possible data safety and continually monitor the network traffic at our data centers in order to detect any patterns of attack.

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What is a Public Cloud?

What is a Public Cloud?

In a Public Cloud, several users share the infrastructure and selected applications. This Cloud offering is a multi-tenant solution, ensuring that the data of various customers is managed in a safe manner, which includes that the information of each customer is strictly kept apart from the data of others. As the infrastructure is shared by many customers, the services offered as part of this model are, usually, more cost-efficient in comparison to a Private Cloud solution.

Some benefits of a Public Cloud are:
  • High flexibility and availability, as accessible from wherever you are via the Internet

  • No additional specific know-how required

  • High scalability makes it possible to customize IT ressources in a very efficient way, e.g. for handling peak loads

  • GDPR-compliant (relevant for business in Europe)

  • High level of agility as a result of a diverse offering

  • Reduces the tasks of the internal IT department

  • Helps to focus on the core business of the company

  • Significant, long-lasting reduction of the IT costs as a result of less investments required and having selected a 'only pay for what you use' model

  • Is suitable for all types of companies, regardless of their size and the markets they operate in

What is a Private Cloud?

What is a Private Cloud?

A Private Cloud is essentially a model that makes available IT resources to a selected, restricted group of users. However, as opposed to making available dedicated hardware, the resources offered are virtualized in order to make them more flexible for the customer. In many cases, companies and organizations no longer run their Private Cloud in-house but as a 'Managed Private Cloud' at a service provider. We offer running the Klopotek solution as part of such a model.

Some benefits of a Private Cloud are:
  • Reduces the tasks of the internal IT department, as there is less work for running & maintaining the IT ressources

  • No additional specific know-how required

  • Helps to focus on the core business of the company

  • Relevant IT ressources are outsourced to be run at the certified data center of the Managed Private Cloud Provider

  • Higher level of agility in comparison to running the software in-house

  • Reduction of the IT costs as a result of a less investment needs

  • Is suitable for companies & organizations with high demands in terms of data protection, data security & compliance

At Brill, we have really ambitious plans to become a data-driven company.
This is one of our key targets, and moving to the Private Cloud has helped us to achieve that – and switching to the STREAM web apps will be another essential step forward.


Bas Baas,
Vice President of Technology

Read the Brill Case Study

Bas Baas,
Vice President of Technology

Read our Case Study: Klopotek Private Cloud - selected for reasons of cost-efficiency, availability & more ...

Bas Baas, Vice President of Technology, led the Brill team preparing and executing the move to the Klopotek Cloud. In an interview with us, he explains the main reasons for switching to our Cloud service in detail and speaks about the project that resulted in migrating various business locations to the Private Cloud during one single weekend

Bas, what were the main drivers for switching from an on-premise set-up to a pure Cloud environment with regard to costs and cost management, reliability, flexibility, and hardware management?

OK, I'll start with the costs perspective. This was relevant for us, as we were paying money to Klopotek for monitoring the system, plus there were – of course – costs for the services for hosting the software on premise and related work. It was not only cost-neutral but cost-efficient to move to the Klopotek Private Cloud; the costs for the Private Cloud were actually lower than expected.


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