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We value our customers

    and protect their business

Klopotek advances all your print, digital, and flexible products from content to market. With the people behind Klopotek’s Services & Projects, you’ll reach your goals. We are where our customers are and work for you from our offices in Europe and the US, and many of our staff have extensive and varied experience in the publishing industry. .

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Klopotek Services

Global Project Services

Project Management & consulting on the implementation of Klopotek software

Klopotek advises companies on strategies to optimize their workflows. Our software is based on publishing industry best practices developed from years of experience analyzing business processes and cooperating with publishers.

Our project management teams are recognized across the industry for completing implementation projects on time and on budget.

Key features and benefits of our project method
  • Development work for Cloud-based STREAM apps is all about the user

  • Small apps instead of one large module: shorter projects

  • Dedicated STREAM UI and unified UX: seamless integration, harmonized workflows

  • ‘Visual Requirements Engineering’: strong focus on visual elements in projects to ensure that all specialists from different fields involved ‘speak the same language'

  • ‘Sprints’: meetings take place every 14 days; changes to prototypes are done as quickly as possible, from one ‘sprint’ to the following

  • Showing information the best possible way from a visual perspective is transferred to optimizing the UI for the real application

  • In STREAM projects, a large number of user stories is taken into account to ensure that the final product will be suitable to support various user groups

  • Working with the final app will be fun and enjoyable, so users will be more productive

  • Ergonomic features: all of our STREAM apps are created to meet Accessibility

  • Design Standards, i.e. in terms of responsiveness, scalability, and different color and contrast themes

Global Project Services

Our experts support you in these four key areas

Managed Services

Migrating master and transaction data; quality assurance

Derived from a diverse range of projects, Klopotek offers a wealth of practical experience in the deployment of the most modern technologies. It is this knowledge combined with their expertise in modern information technology that enables our consultants and software specialists to communicate effectively with all levels of your organization and ensure efficient use of your resources.


Answers questions, provides helpful information, determines causes of issues, involves specialists - via various channels


Upgrades your system to new versions of the Klopotek software (every two years)


Plans upgrades and provides information complementary to the Technical Application Management services


Ensures the robustness of your solution with technical knowledge & expertise

Managed Services

Find out in our Customer Case Studies
why customers succeed with Klopotek software


Customer Service improvements achieved at C.H.Beck by implementing the Klopotek STREAM web app Ticketing


Klopotek software also for subsidiaries: process optimizations at Neumann-Wolff


  • Roll-out of Klopotek software acrross the entire Group following the acquisition of DUMONT Kalender Verlag

  • Technology transformation from the Classis Line to STREAM

  • Purchasing app for mass production orders

  • Implementation of the royalty calculation (including contract printing) on the STREAM platform – based on unified contract templates

  • Roll-out of ONIX 3.0 standards

  • Blurb Manager for creating & handling marketing-related information


  • Synergies and harmonized processes across all subsidiaries by using Klopotek as their central system

  • Intuitive workflow support as a result of the transformation to STR

  • Flexible apps; seamlessly integrated

  • Optimizations for handling mass production orders, royalty calculations, marketing dat

  • Switch to ONIX 3.0

More than 400 publishers rely on Klopotek software to help them manage their business and achieve their goals – all over the world.

This is how the Link-Busters anti-piracy service works for publishers

The Link-Busters technology quickly detects and removes online infringements and disrupts the digital piracy ecosystem, which results in sales increases, optimized marketing, and the best possible support for publishers and their authors.

Their industry-leading anti-piracy service monitors the web 24/7 for infringements and removes them as quickly as possible. This way, the service protects digital assets and revenues of copyright holders by quickly removing 98% of suspected infringements and thereby greatly minimizing the impact of digital piracy.

Services include: anti-piracy (search engines), anti-piracy (enforcement), litigation support, e-commerce, and streaming.

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