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Company information

Founded in 1992, the software company Klopotek is synonymous with standardized software in the publishing industry. We offer publishing solutions for Title Management, Editorial, and Production, as well as Contracts, Rights and Royalties, O2C, and CRM with our cloud-based STREAM web apps.

Over 400 publishers chose Klopotek as their software provider. STREAM is Klopotek’s platform for user interaction across computers and portable devices. Focused on supporting key business processes in a smart and simple way, Klopotek STREAM provides an excellent user experience (UX). Complete essential business tasks wherever you are, whenever you’re connected to the internet and enjoy an interactive user experience guiding you through an easy-to-use and harmonized workflow of all of your publishing tasks.

Multi-country, multi-company, multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-currency: our software is fit for global use - Klopotek provides serious workflow improvements and efficiencies to multi-national organizations. Your system can be used concurrently in different locations and in different languages for user and recipient, although the same metadata is being worked on.


Klopotek is the international market leader in the area of publishing software

Our software has been specifically designed for the publishing industry: unlike customized versions of generic ERP solutions, it has been built to meet the unique needs of this industry and combines detailed and specialized knowledge in this area with modern technology.

Company information

We contribute to the success of more than 400 publishers with more than 3,000 imprints, with over 24,800 users, in 140+ locations.

Klopotek supports the entire value chain for print and digital publishing and is suitable for large multi-national publishing groups as well as small and mid-sized publishers. Our software is available on premise or in the Klopotek Cloud.

Our customers



The work in our customer service can be described as ‘mass business’. (…) For a long time, we have been looking for a Ticketing system with which we can organize and classify what we receive via email and direct it to the right channels. Klopotek’s STREAM Ticketing app was the ideal solution for us from a customer service point of view.

Sven Borchers, Head of Customer Service/Logistics

  What are the most important challenges the industry is facing?

    Why did our customers decide to replace their legacy systems?

   What are the most important benefits of working with Klopotek software?

    Why did they opt for Klopotek?

More than 400 publishers rely on Klopotek software to help them manage their business and achieve their goals – all over the world.

Can you afford not to be a customer?


Driven by innovation

A key strategic importance for Klopotek is the philosophy of working together with publishers to ensure that our software solutions meet the expectations of our customers, with the result that we establish, build and maintain close business relationships so that our software solutions are able to ensure that publishers who select us have the best strategic commercial advantages in their ever changing business models.

We are constantly improving our software and adding new features so that it can cater for new and changing business models in publishing, for both print and online.

Innovative software
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