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CRM designed for publishing
will make your contacts &
target groups engage

Always have your business contacts at hand with Klopotek’s CRM applications

Of course, you know about the relevance of employing powerful CRM software, about the need to be able to learn from your customers and to understand the (changing) interests and expectations of your various target groups, so you’ll be able to create products that are even better tailored to their needs. 

Klopotek’s CRM Solution is a seamless integration of our own web apps and leading solutions that are established on the market, tailored to our industry (while there are no dependencies and solutions of third-party suppliers can be switched).

I would recommend to every customer of yours who wants new functionalities to rely on STREAM apps for this and to enter into a partnership. STREAM is simply the future for Klopotek and every important new development will – as far as I can see – happen on the basis of this technology.


Paul Bischoff,

IT & Organization | Head of K&P Architecture


The STREAM app Contact 360° provides an optimal overview of your customer’s data on the screen of your employee at the call center even before the call has been taken.

Key features and benefits
  • Full overview of all relevant information; see important information at a glance

  • Dashboard templates for multiple user roles; fully customizable

  • Automatic contact recognition based on caller made possible by integrated phone system 

  • Flexible and publishing-specific widgets with easy plug-in processes

  • Option to include special features like Google Maps or Twitter integration

  • Start related Klopotek modules out of the 360° view: no need to access different systems and therefore no loss of information and time

  • Integrated with the Klopotek Business Partner Pool

  • Improves reaction times and service levels

  • Helps your staff to reduce workload and save time 

Contact 360°

State-of-the-art business partner management with a personalized dashboard

In today’s world, it is no longer enough to offer broad product ranges. Publishing companies need to know their customers to be able to develop products according to their needs and to deliver personalized and comprehensive service packages.

In order to be able to understand customers and their specific needs and to recognize sales opportunities, complete information about a single customer summarized and presented in the 360° view is key.

To save time and cut costs, Contact 360°, which is an add-on feature to the Contact Manager, enables publishers to install transparent workflows and to prevent their staff from jumping between different systems. The feature supports customer service centers, marketing and sales departments in their daily business and provides all relevant information about the customer in one single overview. This screen is fully customizable and provides information in content chunks (widgets).

Customer information of the Contact 360° app includes master address data, pictures and/or a logo, plus information widgets which can be pulled into the dashboard grid.

The layout of the widgets is configurable per user. A huge variety of useful 3rd-party widgets is available, such as Google Maps, Salesforce and finance applications, but, of course, also widgets which display relevant information from the Klopotek system: from contact master data and order or contract information to financial data to support the multiple roles for which the app can be used.


A common issue that companies face is the need to search and retrieve all data of contact. This information should be detailed but easy to grasp and work with – and it should be available at the touch of a button.

Key features and benefits
  • Search and navigate easily through business partner data

  • Enter and update address information quickly

  • Mirrors the role-based security concept of the “Business Partner” module

  • Single click dialing and e-mail

  • Integrated with the Klopotek “Business Partner” module

  • API support for external feeds and uploads, and best-of-breed software tools

  • Optimized for seamless integration with other STREAM apps

Contact Manager

Fast and intuitive look-up and update processes of business partner and/or address records

The Contact Manager links directly to Klopotek’s system-wide Business Partner pool and provides fast and intuitive look-up and update processes of a business partner and/or address records.

Integrated DAM - All types of documents including your complete email communication can be ingested and processed directly by utilizing Klopotek’s Digital Asset Management tool.

A common problem is the need to search and retrieve email communication which is often only in the email box of your colleagues. With letters, contracts, quotes, images, and external links all stored centrally, they are all accessible directly from the Contact Manager.

Contact History - A fully integrated contact history enables the user to navigate through the complete communication of the contact.

All inbound and outbound contact dialogs including sales reps visits, complaints, and phone calls can easily be stored and retrieved from the Contact Manager. This way, the complete sales and service history is available on demand.

Roles - Klopotek’s sophisticated ‘role’ concept is used to categorize, configure, and manage the security and access control of business partners.

Industry standards and your own customized classifications are fully supported by the Contact Manager.


Our Ticketing app can help to significantly reduce time and optimize processes at Customer Services, e.g. by automating sorting processes of incoming emails.

Key features and benefits
  • Ticket creation and processing is easy; structured and transparent ticket resolution process

  • Automated ticket creation from website and external emails

  • Extensive ticket monitoring: ticket history, flexible dashboards, report builder

  • Workflow support with routings, alerts, approval processes, and caller scripts

  • Flexible triggers and predefined actions

  • Synchronization of tasks with Outlook, including remarks and attachments

  • Copy functions for easy ticket creation

  • Self-explanatory ticket navigation through ticket resolution process

  • Integrated with the Klopotek Business Partner Pool

  • No loss of information or time

  • Low maintenance costs

  • High service levels guaranteed


Handle all requests for information, questions, complaints in a time-saving, customizable workflow

Utilizing this web app, business partners can address their requests, complaints, or issues in a structured manner. Status information, priorities, and alerts ensure clear work processes from the moment a new ticket has been created until it has been closed.

Analysis options of the app can reveal weaknesses and problems in certain departments of a company and thus contribute to general improvements.

Klopotek Ticketing can be used for both internal and external ticket management. Based on the ticket type and categories, the app provides different workflow routings and approval processes. Tickets that have been created are connected to related emails and documents. Service managers have a clear overview of what’s going on utilizing a Ticket Dashboard. All tickets can be forwarded through the entire organization and alert the recipients with an email and a notification in the Klopotek ‘My Tasks’ Dashboard (with a direct link to the respective ticket). This ensures smooth communication and teamwork.

Ticketing provides multiple-user support: it covers all ticketing requirements for customer service agents, team leaders, and members of the management. The same applies to the various reporting options, which range from high-level monitoring of how various ticket groups are being handled (performance monitoring) down to the detailed tracking of your own tasks as a customer service representative.

Ticketing is an essential part of Klopotek’s unique combination of technologies for handling all CRM requirements – browser-based and on all types of devices. 


Customer Service improvements achieved at C.H.Beck by implementing the Klopotek STREAM web app Ticketing


Within the framework of a software development partnership with Klopotek, the publishing house C.H.Beck has introduced a series of STREAM apps to optimize workflows for different areas, most importantly Customer Services, as Sven Borchers, Head of Customer Service / Logistics explains:

“The work in our customer service can be described as ‘mass business’. (…) For a long time, we have been looking for a Ticketing system with which we can organize and classify what we receive via email and direct it to the right channels. Klopotek’s STREAM Ticketing app was the ideal solution for us from a customer service point of view.“


Following a meeting with a customer or prospect, it is obviously important to check and manage the notes you took, so you – and others in your organization – know how it went and what the next follow-up steps and to do actions are. To keep track of all important elements and to directly act if required, you can now use the web app Contact Tracker.

Key features and benefits
  • Memos of meetings created in a quick and easy way: including key words, next steps to be taken, responsible persons

  • Email functionality to directly send messages to colleagues and the person you had the meeting with (templates available)

  • Incoming emails can be automatically sorted by the tool according to key words

  • Document creation & print functionality

  • Search results lists of memos (filters available) can be exported & shared

  • Memos are also available in a dedicated widget of Contact 360° and can be handled in STREAM Ticketing

Contact Tracker

Create intelligent memos of your meetings  

Responsibilities & actions to take easily defined


When creating a memo, you allocate the main contact person, and others, if applicable, and a responsible key account manager. The fields of interest of the person you met can be tagged with keywords (to be used in the search functionality of the app). And there is a field to add tasks to a to-do list related to the memo. To print your memo as a contact report, you can choose a PDF or MS Word® file. (Templates are available from the Mail Merge Manager app.)


Sophisticated email functionality included - Communication regarding the respective memo can be done in the tool by using the integrated email functionality – for example, to write an update for a colleague, or to send additional information or an offer to the person you had the meeting with. 


Contact Tracker also provides an option to sort incoming emails and automatically link them to the respective memo: the result of this process is displayed in a memos list.


Export your search results - If you do a search for memos regarding a specific contact person or topic, it is easy to export the entire list (or a selection according to the criteria you select) to share it with other people in your organization. Prior to creating the document, you can check it using the preview feature. 


Seamlessly integrated across the STREAM platform - The information stored in Contact Tracker is also available in a dedicated widget of Contact 360°, your app for state-of-the-art business partner management with a personalized dashboard.


There is also an integration option with the Ticketing app, a component of our CRM solution to handle all incoming requests for information, questions, and complaints in a time-saving, customizable workflow. The memos created in Contact Tracker can become tickets in Ticketing, and it is possible to manage and process memos in this app.

Salesforce Connector Kit

With Klopotek’s unique CRM solution, you can address the right person with the right information at the right time – browser-based and on all types of devices. This can only be made possible by offering a full and seamless integration of various specialized technologies, each of them a leader in their specific functional segment - for example, Salesforce.

Key features and benefits
  • Full integration of Salesforce into Klopotek for state-of-the-art opportunity management and marketing automation; part of the CRM Solution

  • Helps to reduce the administrative overhead in your organization and to provide better insights into consumer behavior

  • STREAM Salesforce Connector Kit & STREAM Salesforce Application Kit for Publishers

  • Both kits can be modified and extended to offer additional integration capabilities (such as direct integration with a webshop) or functionalities (such as automated business processes like lead nurturing, conversion, and opportunity creation)

  • Key information from Salesforce is available in Klopotek STREAM (e.g. Contact Manager): in configurable widgets on your individual dashboard

  • Dedicated team of Salesforce consultants and developers at Klopotek; short projects

Salesforce Connector Kit

Klopotek’s smart connection to Salesforce including dedicated widgets in our STREAM apps

To plan, develop and coordinate marketing activities in the CRM solution, Salesforce is fully integrated into Klopotek for state-of-the-art opportunity management and marketing automation.

Klopotek’s connection to Salesforce is purpose-built for the needs of publishers, especially in the field of Education. Establishing a connection between Klopotek and Salesforce can help to reduce the administrative overhead in your organization and to provide better insights into consumer behavior.

Two kits are available on STREAM – Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices – for enabling a seamless connection to Salesforce tools:

STREAM Salesforce Connector Kit

This kit is an essential solution for providing interfaces and integration:

  •     Interfaces to business partners, orders, and products

  •     Integration with Microsoft Outlook® and web platforms

  •     Integration with marketing automation software

STREAM Salesforce Application Kit for Publishers

This set of tools helps with:

  •     Opportunity management

  •     Managing booklists / leads / orders from a web shop

  •     Establishing connections to mobile apps

Modifications & extensions made easy

Both the Connector Kit and Application Kit can be modified and extended to offer additional integration capabilities (such as direct integration with a webshop) or functionalities (such as automated business processes like lead nurturing, conversion, and opportunity creation).

Configurable widgets make information from Salesforce available in STREAM apps

Key information from Salesforce is available in Klopotek STREAM: in configurable widgets on your individual dashboard. If you click a button in Salesforce, you will be taken to the Contact Manager (or any other app that is connected) to the following widgets:

  •     Campaigns Salesforce

  •     Adoption Status Salesforce

  •     Opportunities Salesforce

  •     Contact Activities Salesforce

Klopotek has its own dedicated team of certified Salesforce consultants and developers, so setting up Salesforce and both kits can happen quickly.

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