Corporate Sustainability

Incorporation of long-term and sustainable values into Klopotek’s business strategy and value creation

We‘re well on our way to incorporate corporate sustainability


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 Waste separation
 Waste is separated: there is paper, glass, plastic, organic, and residual waste. Clean disposal of batteries and other special, toxic waste (e.g. printer cardridges, hardware).​

Recycled paper / Reuse of event materials
All copiers and printers are equipped with recycled paper. Event materials such as the laminate floor, counters, tables, etc. are reused as often as possible.

Digital office
Central, digital system for internal communication and documentation, managing applications, sending compliance documents, and providing salary statements.

CO2-neutral website
Website provider uses green energy; pictures on website have been reduced in size for saving energy.

QR-codes: Less printed handouts
Less brochures and flyers are taken to events; customers and prospects can access content on website using QR codes.

Mobile working
Working flexibly using laptops / from home reduces emissions as there is less commuting.

Financial security after retirement
“Grüne Rente” of the “Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung”: investments for the future, our environment, and society.

Sustainable data centers
IT can reduce energy consumption by optimizing cloud and other data center resources.

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Sylvia Pordzik

PA to the CEO

Wolf-Michael Mehl

Managing DIrector


In progress

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 More travelling by train
 Employees are encouraged to reduce travelling by plane or car whenever possible, especially for domestic business trips and travels in Europe.

New energy-efficient printers
Older printers comsume significant amounts of electricity; switching to more energy-efficient printers is under review.

Replacing old fluorescent tubes by energy-efficient LEDs in office spaces and aisles is under review.

Green software engineering​
Develop applications that are CO2- and energy-efficient, maximise the energy efficiency of hardware, reduce the amount of data.


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 Green energy


JobRad - Bikes for staff


Electric company cars


Office plants

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Plant trees


Save water 


Save the bees campaign


Save the moors campaign