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Corporate Sustainability

Incorporation of long-term and sustainable values into Klopotek’s business strategy and value creation

We‘re well on our way to incorporate corporate sustainability

Our Measurements


These measures have already been implemented and are in place to help the environment

In progress

These measures are in progress and under review to be implemented in the near future


These measure are planned to be implemented and the sustainability team is searching for suppliers

Our Projects

Save the moors sponsoring

Support the NABU to restore drained peatlands

Giving street kids a future! 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Social Commitment 

Today, ‘sustainability‘ is a topic that no publisher can avoid.
But the challenges brought by Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements are also opportunities.

Wolf-Michael Mehl, Managing Director, Klopotek & Partner GmbH


01_IMPL_Waste Separation.png

Waste is separated: there is paper, glass, plastic, organic, and residual waste. Clean disposal of batteries and other special, toxic waste (e.g. printer cardridges, hardware).​

03_IMPL_Digital Office.png

Digital office

Central, digital system for internal communication and documentation, managing applications, sending compliance documents, and providing salary statements.

05_IMPL_QR Codes.png

QR-codes: Less printed handouts

Less brochures and flyers are taken to events; customers and prospects can access content on website using QR codes.


Financial security after retirement

We make sure that our insurers (and banks) invest in sustainable projects for the future, our environment, and society.

02_IMPL_Recycled Paper.png

Recycled paper / Reuse of event materials

All copiers and printers are equipped with recycled paper. Event materials such as the laminate floor, counters, tables, etc. are reused as often as possible.

04_IMPL_CO2 Neutral Website.png

CO2-neutral website

Website provider uses green energy; pictures on website have been reduced in size for saving energy.

06_IMPL_Mobile Working.png

Mobile working

Working flexibly using laptops / from home reduces emissions as there is less commuting.

08_IMPL_Sustainable Data Centers.png

Sustainable data centers

IT can reduce energy consumption by optimizing cloud and other data center resources.

Would you like more information?

Sylvia Pordzik

PA to the CEO

Wolf-Michael Mehl

Managing DIrector


Klopotek is contributing to establishing a code of conduct for publishing in Germany

Challenge & opportunity: creating action guidelines for our industry

“Today, ‘sustainability’ is a topic that no publisher can avoid. But the challenges brought by Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements are also opportunities.


As a provider of software and consulting services to publishers, Klopotek is a company that is committed to sustainability. We are constantly getting better at understanding how our portfolio can contribute to helping our customers ‘act sustainably’.


The Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex (DNK – i.e. German Code of Conduct for Sustainability) is a conceptual approach to dealing with these challenges and to making companies fit for a sustainable future. This code of conduct can be described as a standard for providing transparency and reporting to ‘the outside world’ about the steps that have been taken and that are planned for creating an individual strategy for complying with sustainability standards. 


But the DNK is only a framework; it has to be specified according to the characteristics of the respective industry. Getting this job done is a project Publisher Consultants are currently working on in collaboration with companies in the publishing industry that particularly care about sustainability issues – among others the WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature), Verlagsgruppe Penguin Random House (Munich), the University of Applied Sciences (Stuttgart), LEIPA (Schwedt), and Klopotek.


The goal of this collaboration is to create a code of conduct for ‘acting sustainably’ that reflects the specific distinctions and singularities of the publishing industry.”

Wolf-Michael Mehl, Managing Director, Klopotek

(Source for the companies & the goal named here: Publisher Consultants)


Restore drained peatlands

We are happy to support NABU (Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.) with their work "for biodiversity and the protection of intact habitats, for good air, clean water, healthy soils and the careful use of our finite resources" by investing in and helping with their peatlands projects 

Support the NABU to restore drained peatlands

Peatlands are real superheroes in the fight against the climate crisis: they store twice as much carbon as all the world's forests combined.


There are now plans to revitalize 689 hectares of peatland in Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany - Klopotek is supporting this initiative.

If you are interested, how you can support NABU in their efforts as well, please check out their website with many more sponsoring options.

In progress

In progress

01_PROG_Travelling by Train.png

More travelling by train

Employees are encouraged to reduce traveling by plane or car whenever possible, especially for domestic business trips and travels in Europe.

03_PROG_LED Light Bulbs.png


Replacing old fluorescent tubes by energy-efficient LEDs in office spaces and aisles is in progress.

03_PLAN_Electric Company Cars.png

Electric company cars

Change the company cars leasing contract to electric cars.

01_PLAN_Green Energy.png

Green energy

Change our electricity suppliers to ensure green and renewable energy is used.

02_PROG_Efficient Printers.png

New energy-efficient printers

Older printers consume significant amounts of electricity; switching to more energy-efficient printers is in progress.

04_PROG_Green Software Engineering.png

Green software engineering

Develop applications that are CO2- and energy-efficient, maximise the energy efficiency of hardware, reduce the amount of data.


JobRad - Bikes for staff

Support our employees with leasing e-bikes to create alternative, healthier and more sustainable ways of transportation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Social Commitment 

Giving street kids a future! 

We are happy to support the NGO Assoguipros (run by Cherif Ibrahima) in the Republic of Guinea, building a Multifunctional Reception Center aimed at the education of primary and secondary classes (up to 1000 children) and the residence of up to 100 orphaned children.

The employees of KSTS Italia have donated money for the construction of motorized drinking water well (estimated cost of € 6,000.00) and continue to collect money for further projects.  Some internal and external work remains to be completed (bathrooms, electrical system, fencing of the property, furnishings) for an estimated amount of € 20,000.00.

Additionally, we are planning to donate hardware and options to train students in modern programming languages, creating an exchange and job opportunities.

More information to this project you can find here



06_PLAN_Save Water.png

Save Water

Implement measures in our offices where we can optimize the use of water

05_PLAN_Plant Trees.png

Plant trees

Organize company events with our employees to plant trees in our local areas

04_PLAN_Office Plants.png

Office Plants

Make our working environment greener, now where we come back to our local offices 

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