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Smart tools to automate

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order to cash processes


O2C (Order to Cash) Apps

Constantly improving your order-to-cash, making processes around fulfillment and distribution smoother, is vital to your core business. Klopotek O2C (Order to Cash) integrates all the business models employed by publishers of journals and specialist information. With O2C, you acquire a system for every manner of sales activity.

As part of our technology transition from the Klopotek Classic Line to STREAM, we are currently investing in moving this powerful, reliable solution to a new level with a great user interface and workflow support guiding users through completing essential tasks.

Order Entry Manager

This is your essential app in the area of order to cash: Optimized for high-speed processing, Order Entry Manager enables you to quickly record orders and place them in a ‘shopping cart’.

Key features and benefits
  • Quickly enter orders

  • ‘Shopping cart’ functionality makes it easy for new users to start working with the app

  • You can make specifications and modifications to the ‘cart’ after the entry process

  • Shipping and fulfilment are triggered when you confirm that the ‘cart’ is complete

  • Optimized for managing large numbers of order positions

  • Offers a configuration mode: you can adapt the input screens to the individual needs of your users

  • Enables users to work on a flexible combination of one-off and subscription products

  • Mouse is not required, use keyboard & shortcuts

  • Many fields contain default values; when entering data, the tool automatically jumps to the next field that is required

  • No dialog windows or overlays but icons, pictograms, and other graphical elements

  • Typeahead search functionality (only if required: detailed search with a dialog window)

Order Entry Manager_laptop_mehr Rand.png

Fast and customizable entering of orders for both one-off and subscription products using a ‘shopping cart’

Offering the way most people are used to when ordering products online, all items you enter during the process are placed in a ‘shopping cart’. This makes it easy for new users to start working with the app following a very short period of learning.

Value determination for the cart happens for every entry, i.e. the ‘price’ of the ‘cart’ increases for every product you add. It is possible to make specifications and modifications to the cart after the entry process. Shipping and fulfilment are triggered when you confirm that the cart is complete and ready for further processing.

Order Entry Manager is also the perfect solution for handling order entries consisting of very long lists of order positions. This app comes with a configuration mode you can switch to, so you can adapt the input screens to the individual needs of your users. There is a high degree of flexibility to your options when moving fields and/or prepopulating them with data. It is also possible to create user profiles and save them as templates.

If you’d like to make changes to the settings of a field without switching to configuration mode, you can do so directly from the one you’re busy working on.

Klopotek’s O2C system enables publishers and distributors to sell and ship digital and physical products efficiently.

Wolf-Michael Mehl, Managing Director


Your key accounts expect to get personal consulting from their specialist at your company on a regular basis, content offerings that are tailored to their special interests and needs, and special deals and discounts, as they are ‘special customers’.

Key features and benefits
  • A STREAM app that covers the complete workflow of managing key accounts 

  • Preparations: check the order situation; determine upselling potentials; design specific packages/offerings

  • Managing offers: present offerings on the phone and by email (based on templates); reminders for follow-up actions 

  • Create and email contracts

  • Check details and finalize contract; send out invoices 

  • Standing orders; renewals; new offers based on old ones

  • STREAM user interface: software that guides through processes in an intuitive way

Key Account Manager

Manage offerings for your top customers the smart way

To cater for this type of business (with a focus on managing subscriptions), here is your app covering the complete workflow of managing key accounts, from planning and designing offerings, creating, modifying, and finalizing contracts to handing agreements over to Customer Services. 

Preparations at the Sales Department

As part of the planning process, the Key Account Manager app provides support for checking the order situation, determining upselling potentials, and designing specific packages/offerings. 

Managing offers

When speaking to your key account on the phone or at a meeting, you can present one or several offerings (the app also supports getting the internal approval prior to making those). These offers can be created in written form based on templates and emailed after the call/meeting. All related emails and documents are stored, and reminders can be set up for follow-up actions at a later point in time. 

Creating contracts 

If your key account has accepted an offer, a contract can be created and emailed, and your Customer Services department will be notified for getting the signatures. 

Final processes

At Customer Services, all data and information of the contract is checked, and the agreement is finalized. In case of subscription products, test or paid subscriptions are started. Invoices related to the new contract are created and sent out. 

Renewal Manager

The Renewal Manager is a web-based platform for defining and executing a renewal marketing strategy. Users from the marketing and sales teams can lay out a renewal campaign and track the results throughout the subscription life cycle – testing and adjusting offers as response rates are tallied.

Key features and benefits
  • Campaign-style renewal requests

  • Wave activities for subscriber life cycle

  • Create enticing offers

    • Early-bird discount/price

    • Multi-year offers

    • Premiums – books, content, partner products and services

    • Bonus subscriptions

    • Payment terms – incentive for direct debit or credit card payment

    • Upgrade – more content, bundle offer, premium edition

  • Auto-renew discount/price in subscription

  • Define target audience for specific offers

  • Manage renewal campaigns for single titles or groups of publications

  • Analytics and renewal metrics – renewal rate, value, avg. MRR:

    • by wave and offer

    • by customer type/segment/churn risk

    • by product


Wave marketing for renewals – lay out campaigns and track the results throughout the subscription life cycle

The Renewal Manager is a web-based platform for defining and executing a renewal marketing strategy. Users from the marketing and sales teams can lay out a renewal campaign and track the results throughout the subscription life cycle – testing and adjusting offers as response rates are tallied.

While the primary objective of renewal marketing is customer retention, it is also an opportunity to increase revenue by offering upgraded products and bundles.


The web UI makes it easy to create offers and select the target audience for each renewal series and effort. Wave marketing ensures that subscribers are given every opportunity to renew. With each wave offers can be made ranging from early renewal discounts to special upgrade opportunities. Multiple offers can be made in each renewal communication, allowing the subscribers to choose which offer best suits their needs.

The message and the medium can be as important as the offer. Include images and formatted text to make the piece interesting. Marketing users can determine the output format and test the results. 


With our app Citation Manager, you always know many advertisements a selected company has published, print & digital, including information on the size, so you can compare your situation with other publishers in your field using a list view.

Key features and benefits
  • Makes it easy to record and check the number of publications (adverts, citations) in your and your competitors’ magazines

  • Always know how many advertisements a selected company has published, and of which size, print and digital

  • Compare your situation with other magazine publishers in your field (for a selected business partner)

  • Drill down to certain types of advertisements and / or areas of advertising

  • Adding entries using the app is simple and easy on any type of device

  • Integrated with Contact Manager and Contact 360°: makes use of the entire Business Partner Pool and data is available in widgets on your dashboard

Citation Manager

Track all ads from and publications about a client in your and your competitors’ journals with ease

In the area of Order to Cash, you can now record and check the number of adverts in your magazines and the ones published by your competitors to keep a clear overview of your business partners’ activities. It is also possible to store editorial entries about a client, their sponsoring activities or events they are involved in.

With our app Citation Manager, you always know many advertisements a selected company has published, print & digital, including information on the size, so you can compare your situation with other publishers in your field using a list view.

When getting an overview, it is possible to select certain areas of advertising, e.g. beverages, sports, etc. and / or to only compare certain types of ads. Entering citations for your own company or for a competitor is an easy and straightforward process. This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices.

Citation Manager is seamlessly integrated with Contact Manager, so the entire Business Partner Pool in Klopotek is available for searching for and classifying business artners, and information on adverts and citations can be made available in dedicated widgets of the dashboard of Contact 360°.


Klopotek O2C

One distribution system encompassing multiple business models

What else do we offer? Choose your specific field in the area of O2C:

Order to Cash (Classic Line)

One distribution system encompassing multiple business models

Klopotek Order to Cash is the distribu­tion system for every kind of publisher and distributor. O2C manages all of your products and customers in one single solution, and supports every distribution channel easing the transition from traditional to digital business models with its media-neutral ordering system.

Companies and divisions which are successfully employing Klopotek O2C are publishers which accept orders directly or manage subscriptions internally, webshops for customer self-care and online ordering which use an API to work with the central Klopotek data base, and publishing distributors.
The product pool and its centralized metadata management solution is just as much a part of Klopotek O2C as the warehouse management and stock valuation tools, the powerful marketing and address management solution, and subscription models of unrivaled scope.

German publishers generate a total turnover of approximately seven billion euros per year, a billion of which is managed with Klopotek Order to Cash.

A system that thinks in multiple dimensions

Klopotek O2C covers a multitude of product 'dimensions'. This is necessary because the publishing business has for some time now been in a process of change from a mono-structure (print) – by way of a predominantly print-oriented structure (print plus online) – to an explosion of formats: online as a database, online as an individual content syndication model, online on demand as a stream or as a rental model, e-book as a hybrid of online and print, en­hanced e-book as a mixture of print and film. Social reading, bookshelf for four weeks etc. – these all highlight the developments in the publishing industry.

So what should a successful publisher do? The traditional print business can't be neglected, but – at the same time – new models have to be tested out. But this shouldn't be allowed to lead to increased costs, nonintegrated processes, or structures which are outside of the existing performance indicators, because the pub­lisher has to be able to evaluate the success of the new models quickly and effectively in order to reach swift, reliable decisions. You need a system which can handle everything from classical models to experimental developments: Klopotek O2C.


Business model 1: selling books, e-books, and sets combining books and e-books

Klopotek O2C manages the printed book, the e-book, and a combination of both mediums for sets. All the format variants are defined in the O2C system and this allows for diverse combinations when ordering online.

Keeping (warehouse) costs down
The potential for the effective support of this business models extends further: if the print component of a set is not yet in stock, the system can deliver the e-book in advance. lf you have specified that the print component is suitable for print on demand, the system triggers the POD process.

Of course, Klopotek doesn't neglect a single variant of classical distribution operations such as physical distribution, warehouse management and automation, high-volume order processing, optimization of shipping costs, and customer management.

Links to distributors, EDI, magazine label export, Cheshire – every function for print including action or warehouse management is available in the system.

Business model 2: subscription models including top-down bundles and bottom-up bundles

With top-down and bottom-up bundling models, you deliver to your readers attractive offers without creating ballooning overheads. Klopotek O2C supports revenue distribution in both directions – whether top-down or bottom-up – and subscription changes in the webshop are saved directly in the back end. Subscription and one-off products can be combined as desired without any restrictions.

While in the case of a top-down model, prospective customers opt for a bundle right from the start, perhaps due to the attractive price, the bottom-up variant makes greater demands on the system, because the cus­tomer only decides to buy a bundle  instead of a single product while they are making the purchase.

So a bottom-up bundle doesn't have a flat price, rather each component of the bundle has a price and the total price of the bundle is the sum of the component prices of the components ordered. A subsequent order for optional components changes the price of the bundle.

business model 2.jpg
business model 3.jpg

Business model 3: selling chunks or product components

Klopotek O2C allows you to manage individual product parts, such as chapters or articles in a book, or product components (e.g. non-book articles) separately. Product components can be sold for different prices.

Royalties for the product parts are managed in Klopotek CRR (Contracts, Rights, and Royalties), so that no additional, manual processing is necessary.

Klopotek O2C provides automated support for these and many other business models – including accruals, rest credit, and webshop authorization.

Key features and benefits
  • Innovative new models: print, digital, and any combination of the two as a bundle

  • Effective for traditional business models: major distributors sell more than 50 million books each per year with Klopotek O2C

  • Modern: thanks to a customizable user interface and up-to-date workflow support

  • Efficient single system: no transfers via interfaces or separate data management; one product pool for the planning and sale of all variations

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