STREAM intuitively guides users through their day-to-day business operations.

Complete essential business tasks wherever you are; enjoy an interactive user experience guiding you through an easy-to-use and simple workflow, visually clear on any device.

What do we offer? A publishing strategy that suits you.


STREAM – Klopotek’s platform that makes publishing easy and intuitive

STREAM is Klopotek’s platform for user interaction across computers and portable devices. Focused on supporting key business processes in a smart and simple way, Klopotek STREAM provides an excellent user experience (UX). It is web-based and integrates with the Klopotek Classic Line solution.

We have developed and are continuously developing Java-based apps to support your workflow, which run on the Klopotek STREAM platform.

Applications running on Klopotek STREAM can easily be adapted to your specific requirements. Thin and smart, the applications are based on the same database and business rules as our Classic Line solution but provide a role-based and simplified user experience for handling specific tasks.

Enabling you to work with the same entities as your Classic Line solution, Klopotek STREAM provides fantastic usability on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Complete essential business tasks wherever you are, whenever you’re connected to the internet, and enjoy an interactive user experience guiding you through an easy-to-use and simple workflow, visually clear on any device.


STREAM intuitively guides users through their day-to-day business operations. STREAM does not only improve working in (international) teams, it will highly increase user and employee satisfaction.

Our central, multiple business process-specific web apps provide complete 360° views on the information in the key areas of publishing you deal with every day. The 360° view apps come with a blazing-fast search functionality and are the perfect entry points for managing and modifying data.

All key processes in the area of handling contracts, rights, and royalties are available in the STREAM for CRR solution. Essential tasks in the areas of CRM, O2C, and TEP (title management, editorial, and production) can be handled using a wide range of STREAM apps. We are continuously working on expanding our STREAM portfolio.

I have been extremely impressed from day one with an ever-increasing appreciation of the planning and development that went into making STREAM a reality.

The GUI is clean and quick; the development is 100% user-based with the goal of ease of searching, reviewing, and updating.


Gregory Miller,

Business Systems Manager

Key features and benefits of STREAM
  • Supports key business processes in a smart and simple way

  • Web-based and integrated with your Klopotek Classic Line solution

  • Helps to visualize and manage essential parts of the value chain life cycle in complete 360° views

  • Based on the same database and business rules as your Klopotek Classic Line solution

  • Workflow support: thin and smart, guides through tasks, easily adapted to your requirements, role-based for a simplified user experience

Providing true workflow support, STREAM guides users through all steps for completing essential tasks and makes it possible to directly make decisions and act based on the clear views of the data and analyses that are displayed.

As opposed to traditional ERP software, our STREAM apps show all relevant data, including important analyses of this data, at one glance in a unique look & feel.

STREAM is a smart guide to help you through your tasks. Friendly, flexible, and very powerful.

Nella Klopotek, EVP UX Design & UI Development


Two ways to support the user in the most intuitive way

STREAM offers two ways to look at, manage and maintain data - always with the user’s needs defining the user interface.

  • The workflow-driven approach with fixed views; the system guides the user step-by-step intuitively through the workflow and the business processes they have to fulfill 

  • The fully user-configurable  360 views on data, where information from various fields can be put together in one single overall

STREAM: built-in ergonomic features

All STREAM applications follow the same user interface guidelines to achieve homogeneous navigation and usability. General features are:


  • Responsive web design

  • Scalability

  • Themes are available for different contrast ratios

  • Central Navigation

  • User-specific entity lists

  • Unified search functionality

STREAM incorporates the general principles of the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG, released by W3C) regarding the UI, UX and QA.

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Experience our apps in a new look

Introducing STREAM Night

In order to support different contrast ratios, STREAM applications provide three different contrast themes, two different color schemes, and now STREAM Night, a dark mode offering new usability.


With these themes, the applications are compliant with the web content accessibility guidelines defined by W3C (Chapter 1.4 Distinguishable). The selected theme is saved as a user-specific configuration.


Our support for title management, editorial and production processes

I would recommend to every customer of yours who wants new functionalities to rely on STREAM apps for this and to enter into a partnership. STREAM is simply the future for Klopotek and every important new development will – as far as I can see – happen on the basis of this technology.


Paul Bischoff, IT & Organization | Head of K&P Architecture, C.H. Beck


Klopotek STREAM for Contracts, Rights, and Royalties


Klopotek's innovations and software features


The total software solution for all your publishing requirements

The publishing industry is constantly changing, and so are our products. Klopotek supports all publishing requirements of all types of companies. The Klopotek Publishing Solution is available in-house and in the Cloud–browser-based, preconfigured, without the need to purchase computer hardware.


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