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Luna Tang

Podcast Host and Organizer

Dwayne Parris

Podcast Host and Organizer

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May 2023, Episode 29


The Old and the New Book Manufacturing: on the 90th Anniversary of BMI - with Matt Baehr


Reading for book lovers is never only about being inspired, educated, and entertained by the ideas inside. It is also about a whole experience: sensing the paper with your fingers and hearing the touch of the pages, smelling the 'fragrance' of the ink, and feeling the book as a real physical being. This time, we are proud to shine the spotlight on the 'hero-behind-the-scene' of the publishing industry and to explore the world of book manufacturing.
Since 1933, the Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI) has been the nationally recognized trade association representing the book manufacturing industry in the United States. This time, on the 90th anniversary of BMI, we are joined by its Executive Director Matt Baehr.


Matt has been the association's Chief Executive since 2017, as part of a long career in association management, primarily working with trade associations. He holds an undergraduate degree from the Catholic University of Washington, DC as well as graduate degrees from Ohio University in Athens.
Matt first tells us about his professional experience working for four trade associations in four different industries and reflects on the evolution and growth of BMI along the way. He then answers our question about '
print vs digital' by analyzing how people’s reading habits have changed during the Pandemic and how the book manufacturing industry has been 'navigating the high and rough seas' of the e-reading trend. Matt also shares how the association provides knowledge, education, as well as human, and social support to its members and to the book manufacturing community as a whole.

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 +++ Special edition +++                                       +++ Special edition +++                                   +++ Special edition +++                                            +++ Special edition +++                                         +++ Special edition +++


A special edition of our podcast (in German):
The multiple benefits of exports and style sheets


Guest: Julia Reckel, Project Manager at Hanser

Some background information: the practical value & use of well-kept and maintained data in Klopotek

Carl Hanser Verlag, "one of the few medium-sized publishing companies in the German-speaking area still owned by the founding family" (source:, is one of our first customers: This publisher has been using Klopotek for more than 25 years. An optimization project was completed in 2020 which included upgrading to version 11 of the Klopotek Classic Line solution, so all processes can now be handled using the Klopotek software. In so doing, the project team also took the opportunity to address optimization issues such as "What can we get out of Klopotek, exactly?" and "Do we use the system the best possible way and how can our users generate added value?"

Since then, the practical value and relevance of well-maintained data has become and is still becoming apparent at a growing number of departments, especially when creating individual flyers, internal documents, and lists at the touch of a button.

Another element that is being addressed is title metadata in XML: using InDesign, it can be transformed to become a publisher's preview or HTML pages...

The multiple benefits of exports and style sheets

Special edition - Carl Hanser Verlag

 +++ Special edition +++                                       +++ Special edition +++                                   +++ Special edition +++                                            +++ Special edition +++                                         +++ Special edition +++

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