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January 2022, Episode 14

Episode 14: The impact of digital storytelling & fiction apps

In the first episode of Klopotek Publishing Radio in the New Year of 2022, our guest Prof. John Rodzvilla joins us to speak about digital storytelling, fiction apps, user engagement, gamification, and how all of these are impacting the publishing world.

John is an Assistant Professor in Digital Publishing at the Department of Writing, Literature and Publishing at Emerson College in Boston, MA. He has worked on a variety of editorial, production, and subsidiary rights endeavors in publishing, and his research includes work on e-book specifications and the digital culture of online texts.

Digital storytelling and fiction apps have been growing considerably over recent years in many forms. John, in this episode, interprets some of the major representatives and drivers of change in the world, such as Tapas, Hooked, Wattpad, Swoon Reads, as well as Choices and Episodes. He also explains that the evolution of how we read, create, purchase, and stay connected is impacting on how writers think about content creation and how to engage with readers and users. At the end of the episode, John shares his projection on gamification, education, and why a new publishing model is about to be created by the future generation of publishers.


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