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October 2021, Season 1, Episode 11

Episode 11: Business Transformation and Technology Improvement – podcast with Michael Cairns

Michael Cairns is the CEO and founder of Information Media Partners, a business strategy consulting firm. With a wide career span in publishing and information products, services, and B2B categories, Michael has held executive roles at several publishing companies including Macmillan, Berlitz, and R.R. Bowker. He has also held board positions with the Association of American Publishers, the Book Industry Study Group, and the International ISBN Agency where he served as Chairman.

In this episode, Michael shares his experience as a consultant helping content-centric business owners to transform their businesses and improve their technology. He talks about his passion for figuring out problems and setting out a roadmap to solve them. Michael also gives his thoughts on how publishing models and media businesses are transforming and evolving during the pandemic and post-pandemic era.

Besides that, you will also hear Michael talk about

  •  How can content-centric firms better assess their business needs for being fit for digital change?

  • How could companies evaluate their current technology to better understand where they compete?

  • What organizations can do to achieve a smooth digital transformation.

  • The release news of the annual publishing technology market survey, published by Information Media Partners, Publishing Technology Market Report – 2021.

  • Himself, a book lover, and a marathon runner, and why he would like to have dinner with Muhammad Ali and have a coffee with Barack Obama..We hope you’ll enjoy listening to this episode and share it with others you think may be interested.


September 2021, Season 1, Episode 10

Bodour Al Qasimi_Ausschnitt .jpg
Episode 10: Publishing with Her and Literacy for All – with Bodour Al Qasimi

In the 10th episode of Klopotek Publishing Radio, Bodour Al Qasimi comes to the show to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion in publishing, and, in particular, the advancement of women publishing and children literacy publishing. She is the CEO and founder of Kalimat Publishing Group. As an avid advocate of the role of books and literacy to enlighten children, Bodour has led, through her own Kalimat Foundation, several campaigns to provide thousands of books for refugees and children affected by conflicts and hardship worldwide. 

In this episode, you will hear Bodour talk about

  • Kalimat Group and how this initiative stemmed from a conversation with her daughter;

  • Her passion for reading and her publishing journey 'from Middle East to globe';

  • Her fondness for mountain climbing – “you don’t climb the mountains to be seen, you climb the mountains to see the world”;

  • The most common Arabic greeting and a South African word which she believes hides the secret of happiness.


July 2021, Season 1, Episode 8

Final_Photograph by Martina Pichler.jpg
Episode 8. Change and Innovation in the Book Industry from a Global Perspective – with Ruediger Wischenbart

We are pleased to have Ruediger Wischenbart of Content & Consulting join us to talk about change and innovation in the global book industry. With years of experience in researching the global publishing industry, Ruediger in this episode shares his insights and interesting accounts of how the publishing landscape has evolved and where he sees it heading in the future.  He is also a key player in the Reboot Books initiative. 

In addition, the latest Digital Consumer Book Barometer 2021, written by Ruediger Wischenbart and Michaela Anna Fleischhacker, was just released in June. This report provides statistics and analysis on ebooks and audiobooks sales in Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. You can download it for free from here.

For more information about Ruediger Wischenbart and his work, please visit Content & Consulting and Reboot Books, or follow him on Twitter @wischenbart

June 2021, Season 1, Episode 7

Klopotek Publishing Radio: Women's Entrepreneurship in Publishing and Beyond – A Conversation with Susanne Althoff

Susanne is an experienced journalist and an assistant professor at Emerson College in Boston, where she teaches publishing entrepreneurship and women’s media. She has also served as an advisor to women-led start-ups. Before joining Emerson in 2015, Susanne worked for 22 years as a magazine editor, including six years as editor-in-chief of the Boston Globe Magazine. Her writing has appeared in WIRED, Fortune, and other publications.


Listen to Susanne share findings from her extensive research on the challenges women and non binary entrepreneurs face, especially those of color. Susanne also lays out practical ways to achieve a more inclusive, equitable, and successful entrepreneurial landscape.

(Photograph by Joel Benjamin)


July 2021, Season 1, Episode 8

Final_Photograph by Martina Pichler.jpg
Episode 8: Change and Innovation in the Book Industry from a Global Perspective – with Ruediger Wischenbart

We are pleased to have Ruediger Wischenbart of Content & Consulting join us to talk about change and innovation in the global book industry.

With years of experience in researching the global publishing industry, Ruediger in this episode shares his insights and interesting accounts of how the publishing landscape has evolved and where he sees it heading in the future.  He is also a key player in the Reboot Books initiative.

In this episode, Rüdiger talks about change and innovation in the global book industry: he shares insights into how the publishing landscape has been evolving and where he sees it heading in the future.  

You could also learn in this episode:

  • Rüdiger is not only an excellent observer of global publishing but also an advanced Taiji practitioner;

  • Which two guests who both have totally different experiences (and talents) of telling good stories he would love to invite for dinner;
     Why the phrase “The world is big and colorful” holds a special meaning to him.


(Photograph by Martina Pichl)

August 2021, Season 1, Episode 9

Episode 9: Audio Obsession and Subscription Trend in Sweden – with Carlo Carrenho

Carlo is a publishing consultant based in Sweden. He is the Head of International Business Development at StreetLib, founder of the book trade information service PublishNews in Brazil and Spain, co-founder of Pop Stories – an audiobook company based in Brazil – and a co-organizer of Reboot Books.

In this episode, Carlo discusses audiobook markets and subscription models in Sweden and other Nordic countries. As the sales of audiobooks have surpassed print books sales in the Swedish market for the first time, he explains the factors contributing to the popularity of audiobooks, as well as how customers in Sweden have been embracing the subscription model.

And there's more worth-of-a-listen content:

  • Scandinavians are very creative in exploring the subscription model – from audiobooks, car-washing to even 'subscribing to coffee';

  • One of the reasons for people to choose audiobooks is: seeking companionship and reducing loneliness;

  • There is a small word containing great Nordic wisdom – LAGOM;

  • Carlo loves debating and considers it very important to be open for different voices and ideas.


May 2021, Season 1, Episode 6

Exploring Open Access at a University Press

The director of the University of Cincinnati Press talks about how the press has taken a unique path to publishing by repositioning its relationship with the university, creating a new type of authorship, and making deep use of open access.


May 2021, Season 1, Episode  5

Klopotek Publishing Radio, episode 5: Rights the Right Way – a Talk with Kris Kliemann

In this episode, Kris Kliemann shares her knowledge of publishing from a rights management point of view and her views on the state of rights management from a wide range of perspectives. She talkes about the need for standards in rights trading to improve the experience for all parties involved, explaines the rights landscape by mapping where it used to be, what is happening now, and plans for the way forward in rights management, and she also talkes about her work with BISG to prove the value of having good rights management system.


April 2021, Season 1, Episode 4

Episode 4: From London to Bologna, Book Fairs and More – An Interview with Jacks Thomas

Jacks Thomas talkes about her unique career journey from studying French at university to holding key positions at The London Book Fair and BolgnaBookPlus.


She shares with us why diversity is a critical consideration in her philosophy, what a successful book fair should be like in her eyes, the digitalization of book fairs under the pandemic, as well as her thoughts on publishing, multi-cultures, education, and everything you know and don't know about book fairs.

March 2021, Season 1, Episode 3

Perspectives on Publishing Standards from BISG and EDItEUR  – A Joint Interview with Brian O'Leary and Graham Bell

In this 30-minute interview, Brian O’Leary (top) and Graham Bell explaines fundamental and important concepts in publishing standards - metadata, XML, ONIX, ISBN, BIC, BISAC, and THEMA.

They answeres questions that publishers are likely interested – best practices for using these publishing standards, how BISG and EDItEUR have been supporting publishing industries nationally and internationally, why a migration to ONIX 3.0 is highly suggestive, and how the standards are evolving to keep up to the ever-changing needs of supply chain, rights trade, and the whole industry.

Reach out by emailing to get to know more about BISG’s webinars and extended programs. Details on upcoming events is available on

Details about EDItEUR’s specialized training are available from EDItEUR can be contacted via


February 2021, Season 1, Episode 2

Klopotek Publishing Radio: The Publishing and Bookselling Industries in China

To venture into a new market and to confront a new culture can be thrilling and adventurous at the same time. This is especially true when west meets east.


Since he first came to China, Robert Baensch has been building bridges for foreign publishers to expand their business there for more than twenty years.In this episode, he talks about the country of China, demographics, book publishing, bookselling, and rights trading in China, shares his experience and insights on how to be a “positive thinker” and to “achieve the impossible.”


January 2021, Season 1, Episode 1

Episode 1: Audio and Subscription Services: Are You Ready for the Changes? – A Talk with Javier Celaya

Welcome to the first episode of Klopotek Publishing Radio!

As we stay indoors during uncertain times, we’re here staying connected with each other, sharing your stories and our stories about publishing, providing you with a fresh interpretation of publishing trends, advanced technical support, and publishing solutions.

In this talk, he analyzes the evolution and upcoming growth of audiobooks and podcasts worldwide, illustrates how the audio content subscription and streaming services are transforming the publishing sector business models, uncoveres who the audio users and subscribers are, and especially explaines how the lockdown changed our reading and consumption behavior, then how publishers could do to adapt to the changes and transfer them to opportunities.

(Photograph by Thomas Berberich)

javier_Thomas Berberich Photography.jpg