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Can a single central system support all your business units? Globally?

Ours can. On a single instance.

With Klopotek’s Global Sales System, you can sell your products from multiple locations around the world. Whether one-off or subscription products, physical or digital.

For each legal entity, the Global Sales System automatically takes into account the specifics of business in the relevant country, correctly determining the local currency and tax system.

If a company operates internationally, the users who work with the Klopotek software may not all speak the same language. They also need to communicate with external business partners in different languages. However, if the company employs a centrally installed system with a central database, every user must work with the same data set and the same system configuration.

With the 'Multi-LCL (Language, Currency, and Location)' license, it is possible to support:

  • the metadata (entries from the data types, names of roles and classification categories),

  • the names of boxes, options, tabs and modules in the user interface and

  • the system messages in a language which suits the respective user.

The standard royalty statement can be output in the language of the external recipient (royalty recipient). It takes into account variations in regional formats for

  • dates

  • currency

  • the character used to separate whole numbers from decimals and

  • the character used to group thousands, millions, etc.


In addition, the user can create mass (e-)mailings in the appropriate languages for different external recipients (business partner, author, supplier, licensee, etc.)

With the 'Multi LCL' license, your system can be used concurrently in different locations and in different languages for user and recipient, although the same metadata is being worked on.

Questions? Need support?

Petra Steinfeld

Director Germany

phone: +49 (0)30 88453-243

Wolf-Michael Mehl

Managing Director Germany

phone: +49.30.884 53 330

From Multi-LCL to a Global Sales System


The ‘Multi-LCL’ feature (multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language, multi-company) is available for the entire Klopotek publishing solution. 

A (separately licensable) 'multi-LCL environment' is characterized by the fact that the user interface can be run in multiple languages, while the Klopotek software ensures that it is not necessary to re-enter data, perform currency conversions, or separate workflows, and that everyone works on the same metadata.

In addition to the user interface, it is necessary to adjust various functions in order to make Klopotek O2C (Order to Cash distribution system) multi-LCL-capable. The enhancement options allow the configuration of a sales system which makes it possible to operate diverse distribution locations on a central installation and perform specific invoicing runs for each country.

The scope of this ‘Global Sales System’ is not restricted to the increased versatility in the invoicing system (e.g. the option to sell one-off and subscription products of independent companies under a single proprietor), the contractor functionality for subscription models, or the enhanced tax routines with a system of configurable rules: the basis for the royalty calculation can also be controlled in accordance with local criteria. You can configure whether inter-company revenues or end consumer invoices are used as the basis for calculating royalties.

A ‘Global Sales System’ which lives up to the name must, of course, also include support for inter-company settlements, so that sales to international subsidiaries can be examined and evaluated from the perspective of both the recipient and the copyright holder.


What do we offer? A publishing strategy that suits you.

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