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Our mission is to support the publishing world with reliable and powerful end-to-end solutions that are inspiring and fun to use.

Klopotek – the Brand for Publishing

Klopotek is the international market leader in the area of publishing software. We offer publishing solutions for the fields of Title Management, Editorial, and Production, as well as Contracts, Rights and Royalties, O2C, and CRM with our cloud-based STREAM web apps. Over 400 publishers chose Klopotek as their software provider.

Publishing Processes are made easy with STREAM ...

STREAM is Klopotek’s platform for user interaction across computers and portable devices. Focused on supporting key business processes in a smart and simple way, Klopotek STREAM provides an excellent user experience (UX). Complete essential business tasks wherever you are, whenever you’re connected to the internet and enjoy an interactive user experience guiding you through an easy-to-use and harmonized workflow of all of your publishing tasks.

With Klopotek’s Global Sales System, you can sell your products from multiple locations around the world - one-off or subscription, physical or digital products.

What do we offer?
A publishing strategy that suits you.

How STREAM works is so consistent across all the applications. You just have to start working with it, spend a little bit of time to understand how it works, step one, step two, step three, … and it’s a breeze.


Gregory Miller,

Business Systems Manager

A unique combination of technologies

We have 30 years of experience

in harmonizing publishing processes: This is the foundation the Classic Line is built on. With STREAM, we can use this expert knowledge more flexibly for various types of users.

Our software is available on-premise or in the Klopotek Cloud.

Klopotek supports the entire value chain for print and digital publishing and is suitable for large multi-national publishing groups as well as small and mid-sized publishers.

  What are

the most important challenges the industry is facing?

Klopotek software is specifically designed for the publishing industry:
Unlike customized versions of generic ERP solutions, it has been built to meet the unique needs of this industry and combines detailed and specialized knowledge in this area with modern technology.

A unique combination of technologies

Klopotek provides a combination of leading-edge technologies to create solutions addressing the many challenges of the changing publishing market. Modules and elements of the Klopotek Classic Line (which provides reliable and transparent information for all parts of the supply chain), of browser-based web apps (which run on the cloud-based platform Klopotek STREAM) for – among other features – creating 360° views on various types of data and providing an excellent user experience on a wide range of devices, and of state-of-the-art solutions of third-party suppliers for specific segments, are seamlessly integrated to make available unique workflow-based solutions for, e.g. analyzing Big Data, handling rights and permissions, or providing an excellent customer journey experience to the various communities in publishing.

What our customers say



Reading emails beforehand has been dispensed with. Since we sometimes receive many hundreds of emails per hour, we are speaking here of a significant factor. (…) The respective employees were  briefly trained – this effort was minimal; we think that STREAM is very intuitive. The ‘learning by doing’ principle then worked very well.

Sven Borchers, Head of Customer Service/Logistics

Klopotek Cloud

Get the best possible support for all your publishing processes from handling contract documents and managing contract metadata to completing royalty calculations, and organizing royalty accounts:

The leading Contracts, Rights, and Royalties solution is now available in the Klopotek Cloud


Essential Editorial processes are now easy to handle in the Klopotek Cloud

Using a slick, smart, preconfigured system in the Cloud at genuine low cost. Easy to work with. Proven & reliable. Available 24/7. Unrivaled by any other vendor. For perfect workflow support. For discovering a new world of handling editorial processes.


Curious about the most recent developments? 
Klopotek is excited to share the latest news with you!

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