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Software as a guide, making your rights business more successful

Marketing and selling rights is a critical business for many publishers. To run their business in the most efficient way, rights managers require a clear overview of which rights have been acquired from an author, and which rights remain available to sell.

Rights Sales Solution

A frequent problem is ambiguous information about restrictions and the lack of an automated tracking system. In order to meet these challenges, the rights department should implement a solution that supports and guides rights managers throughout the sales process, from checking rights availability to sales reporting. 


The Rights Sales Manager is a browser-based solution on the cloud-centric technology platform, Klopotek STREAM, providing smart and simple user interaction across multiple desktop and mobile devices

Key features and benefits
  • Access all key title, author, and rights availability data instantly

  • Intuitive workflow steps to progress deals and monitor status

  • Comprehensive overview of acquired and sold rights plus alert functionality to prevent selling rights already expired or sold

  • Marketing tool to generate bulk marketing campaigns according to interests / locations / languages

  • Track options lost to competitors when the right has been sold with automatic status update

  • Configurable termination of options after a specified period of time if no response is received

Rights Sales Manager

Smart, easy, mobile: handle your rights sales processes with efficiency and flexibility

You’ll get a clear overview of the rights which have been acquired from an author or agency and the rights which are available to sell, including the possibility to effectively track registered interest and options to the point of contract negotiations and agreement.

And you’ll always have accurate, up-to-date information on hand such as specific areas of interest and payment history, in additional to flexible and extensive reporting on revenue and activity. The solution frees you from the complex, and time-consuming research and administration work which is heightened by the increased granularity of the digital rights sphere.

This gives you more time to dedicate to proactively marketing your available rights. When integrated with a contract management system, the Rights Sales Manager ensures transparency with regard to acquired subsidiary rights and the associated terms. Once an agreement has been reached, it is possible to track payments and statements due.

Some of the functionalities described here are covered by other apps of our Rights Sales Solution; see 8-page brochure available for download below for details.


Rights Sales Contract Manager stores and handles all information and contractual agreements for managing sold rights.

Key features and benefits
  • A smart web app that stores and handles all information and contractual agreements for managing sold rights

  • Fast search functionality; bookmarks & recent activities

  • Define responsibilities and edit contract parties & contract validity, payments, royalty terms, and rights

  • View and edit linked acquisition contracts

  • Create and edit contract templates for future use

  • Seamlessly integrated with other STREAM apps such as Contract 360°: no loss of information or time

  • Part of Klopotek’s end-to-end Rights Sales Solution

Rights Sales Contract Manager
Rights Sales Contract

An intuitive way of making changes
to contract data

The highly sophisticated and fast search functionality of the app is keyword-sensitive and can browse through large databases of contracts in a wink of an eye. Recent activities which have been done using the app are stored, and sales contracts you need to look into repeatedly can be bookmarked.

This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices. It provides direct and smooth connections to other STREAM apps as well as the Klopotek Classic Line for handling specific tasks.


Viewing and editing data in the app is easy and a straightforward process. You can define responsibilities and edit contract parties and contract validity, payments, royalty terms, and rights. It is also possible to change the contract status at the touch of a button and to view and edit linked acquisition contracts. Reduce time and effort: Rights Sales Contract Manager also provides the functionality of creating and editing contract templates for future use.

Sales contracts are generated based on the Rights Sales Manager STREAM app: Once the negotiations with a licensee have been finalized in the Rights Sales Manager, a rights sales contract can be automatically generated in the app using the terms and conditions that have been negotiated.

Klopotek’s end-to-end Rights Sales Solution consists of the STREAM apps: Rights Sales Manager, Rights Sales Contract Manager, and Rights Accounting Manager.


This cloud-based app supports all processes from managing sub right claims to handling incoming rights payments and generating the payment share for the authors. Sales and royalty information provided in the licensee’s statement can be stored for the regular invoice.

Key features and benefits
  • Covers all processes from managing sub right claims to handling incoming rights payments and generating the payment share for the authors

  • Recent activities are stored; bookmarks

  • Libraries for contracts, invoices, payments, and royalty statements

  • Possibility to see all the acquisition contracts associated with a sales contract (option of viewing the contract data in the Contract Manager app)

  • Provides an overview of licensees’ royalty statements in order to drill down into invoice or contract data and to send reminders regarding outstanding statements

  • Authors’ shares can be generated for a selected line in a payment of the sales contract or at payment level

Rights Accounting Manager
Rights Accounting_Manager_screens.png

Get full control of sub right claims, incoming payments and generating shares

From the landing page of Rights Accounting Manager, you can access these central functions via icons:

  • Contract Library

  • Invoice Library

  • Payment Library

  • Royalty Statements

In Rights Accounting Manager, you can search for sales contracts. In addition to the basic contract data such as the contract status, in the results the app displays the rights that were sold and the installments agreed in the contract.

When viewing invoices and payments related to a sales contract, the information in the ‘Invoices’ data area includes the claim and invoice status, the event that triggers payment of the sub rights claim, the due date, and the dunning level. In the ‘Payments’ data area, information includes the posting date, a checkmark for a regular or irregular payment, the gross and net revenue, and a checkmark that indicated if the payment has been reversed.


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Klopotek STREAM for Contracts, Rights, and Royalties

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