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A benefit to all publishers served
by the Chicago Distribution Center

Opt now for smart workflow support in the Cloud

As part of our efforts to support small and independent publishers with state-of-the-art services & applications, all publishers served by the Chicago Distribution Center can save significant amounts of money when selecting our Klopotek Cloud offerings.

For an attractive monthly fee as part of a subscription model, you will get support for your essential publishing processes

Use a slick, smart, preconfigured system in the Cloud at a genuine low cost. Easy to work with. Proven & reliable. Available 24/7. For perfect workflow support. For discovering a new world of handling Title Management processes.

For all types of publishers – for you.



(a saving of thousands of dollars for CDC members)


USD 400 per month 2 full users, 1 read only, reporting and the services needed + USD 75 per month for every additional user  


Following your free trial period, there is a monthly fee for using Klopotek Cloud: To operate this service, you only need a browser on any of your devices; you don’t have to pay for any additional IT infrastructure costs.

How does it work? State-of-the-art support for your publishing processes at low cost

As Klopotek Cloud makes use of a shared organization and infrastructure, it is a cost-effective alternative to operating a system on premise. 

We take protecting your data very seriously. Your data is therefore processed with great care and in strict compliance with applicable data protection laws. Organizational and technical security measures have been taken to protect your data against the risks of data loss, data theft or data misuse.

Start working immediately, in an easy way, using a configuration based on best practices; the number of your processes in the Cloud can grow with your business requirements.

We are continuously working on enhancing our STREAM apps. These improvements are for the benefit of all customers; no additional fees have to be paid for enhancements to our standard STREAM apps. 

STREAM, our modern, cloud-based platform for a great User Experience on any type of device, is operated on a shared instance (available 24/7) providing process optimization and a fast roll-out. 

What will you get? Choose the best-of-breed approach to managing your processes

More than 6 million titles with over 1,400,000 royalty statements are handled using the Klopotek system annually. Klopotek TEP (Title Management, Editorial, and Production) ensures the successful planning and marketing of digital and physical products for all types of publishers.

We contribute to the success of more than 400 publishers with more than 3,000 imprints, with over 24,800 users, in 140+ locations. Using Klopotek TEP, program planners and editors ensure the provision of complete, consistent metadata for content and that every product can be found on the internet.

STREAM development follows an impressive, exceptionally user-centric approach that creates an unrivaled user experience on top of the functional power of the Klopotek solution. 


Klopotek Cloud makes available a large number of STREAM web apps via your browser: It has never been so easy to create and accompany new titles through their entire life cycle with the

required data quality.

Are you happy with the system you have in place for handling your editorial processes? Or do you sometimes ask yourself ...


How to make use of various distribution channels and add new ones?

Wouldn’t it be

helpful to be able to

easily create flyers?

Would you like

to be able to store

cover images

in a Digital Asset


Tired of using MS Excel or Filemaker to manage your products?

What is the role of good <metadata> and how do you manage it?

How about the

ability to create

ad-hoc reports?

Are your aggregators

asking you to send

your metadata

in ONIX 3.0?

For an affordable, competitive monthly fee, you can have all of the above and more!

Get the best possible support for all your publishing processes at your Editorial Department, including individual configuration of data entry forms, tools to ensure product quality to the highest degree, options to do catalog  exports and create flyers with ease, and efficient stock management, as the inventory forecasts and minimum stock details are based on real sales figures.


Opting for our membership Klopotek Cloud offer will give you 24/7 access to these STREAM web apps

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