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Erleben Sie jetzt die Zukunft der intelligenten Workflow-Unterstützung für Titelpflege, Lektorat und Herstellung

Die TEP-Apps von Klopotek: So wird Ihre tägliche Arbeit einfacher


Boost am Morgen: alle Produktinfos, die wichtig sind, auf einen Blick


Hohe Metadatenqualität als Nebeneffekt Ihres Tagesgeschäfts

Suppliers & Purchase Management Icon


So erreichen Sie eine schnellere Markteinführung Ihrer Produkte


Konfigurierbare Apps, die Ihr Lektorat effizienter machen


Metadaten-Export & Content Delivery

ONIX-Exporte und Flyer-Erstellung leicht gemacht


Macht Schwieriges leicht: Rechte sicher nutzen und Vertragsverstöße vermeiden


Title & Work Structure Management

Strukturen unter modernen Gesichts-punkten: für Werke, für Titelfamilien


So stellen Sie den Projekterfolg sicher



Ersetzen Sie langsame, fehleranfällige, manuelle Prozesse

Product Dashboard Apps

Vollständige 360°-Sichten auf alle Produktinformationen mit konfigurierbarem, Widget-basiertem Dashboard

Als Ihr wesentliches Einstiegs- und Kontroll-Zentrum bieten unsere Dashboard-Applikationen den verschiedenen Nutzer*innen in Ihrem Verlag mit ihren unterschiedlichen Anforderungen eine vollständige 360°-Sicht auf alle Produktinformationen. Sie zeichnen sich durch eine nahtlose Jump-out-Funktionalität zu anderen Applikationen aus.

Product Dashboard Apps

Boost am Morgen: alle Produktinfos, die wichtig sind, auf einen Blick

Product 360° & Product Quality Manager

Wenn Sie morgens Ihre Arbeit beginnen, oder wenn Sie Titeldaten schnell von unterwegs oder zu Hause brauchen – wäre es nicht hilfreich, auf einen Blick alles zu sehen, was für Sie wichtig ist?

Unsere konfigurierbaren STREAM-Apps geben Ihnen eine schnelle und umfassende Übersicht über Ihre Produkte aus genau der Perspektive, die Sie brauchen.

Gehen Sie schnell durch Ihre Produkte und checken Sie die Qualität der Metadaten: Wird der VLB Gold Status erreicht? Sind Sie mit den Verkaufszahlen für ein bestimmtes Produkt zufrieden, oder werden Sie sich im Laufe des Tages darum kümmern müssen? Und/oder wie sieht es in Ihrem Lager aus, brauchen Sie bald Nachdrucke? Stellen Sie sich mit Drag&Drop einfach Ihr persönliches Dashboard zusammen.

Die hochentwickelte und schnelle Suchfunktion von Product 360 ° ist stichwortsensitiv und kann im Handumdrehen große Titeldatenbanken durchgehen.

Peter Karwowski, CTO

STREAM Product 360° (EN)

STREAM Product 360° (EN)

Complete 360° view on all product information with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard As your basic master information and control center, Product 360° provides a complete 360° view on all product information to the various functional types of users in your organization with a fully configurable, widget-based dashboard. It also provides seamless and fast jump-out functionality to other applications. Product 360° links directly to Klopotek’s system-wide Product Pool but can also retrieve information from third-party applications outside of Klopotek (e.g. show stock information from a distributor). The highly sophisticated and fast search functionality of Product 360° is keyword-sensitive and can browse through large title databases in a wink of an eye. It includes cover thumbnails of titles. Recent activities which have been done using the app are stored, and ‘top titles’ can be bookmarked. Reduce complexity with Product 360°: you can browse through set relations and set structures, so handling products assembled in sets becomes easy. The app shows how your titles are connected/combined (in sets, in series, etc.) in a tree structure which makes it easy to navigate from one title to the other. This application runs on STREAM, Klopotek’s cloud-based platform for optimized user interaction on computers and mobile devices. It provides direct and smooth connections to other STREAM apps (such as the Classification Manager) as well as the Klopotek Classic Line for handling specific tasks. Customize and arrange widgets to create your personal dashboard The content and overall look and feel of every dashboard can be individualized, providing high-level to granular information based on the needs of role and responsibilities of the individual user. You can choose from a variety of widgets to be included in your dashboard. Many of them come with configuration options. The layout of the widgets has been designed to present their content in the most efficient way: all the necessary information is presented at one glance. Widgets of the following types can be added to your dashboard: Full-text widgets and overview lists for marketing texts (“blurbs”) Quote Note Comment Content Widgets which show titles in context and provide navigation possibilities (e.g. for product families, set relations, series, etc.) Product, Series or Set Relations Product, Series or Set Structure Set Details on Set Record Status and Publication Dates Print Sizes Specification and Extent Prices per Copy Product Sales and Returns Product Family Originators Main Product Data Classifications More of the same can have a huge impact: use widgets more than once Product 360° allows you to add the same widget to your dashboard more than once. For example, the ‘Product Sales and Returns’ widget can be configured to get the related information from the Klopotek statistics database for a specific year, and a second ‘Product Sales and Returns’ widget can display the information for the previous year next to it or below it. Comparing data becomes easy and straightforward. Configuring widgets is simple but effective: examples for various roles The text widgets can be modified to either show a list of available texts (clicking on the items in the list will open the files) or individual ones. At many publishers, the Sales team will need an overview of available texts, while for people in Marketing, the author bio might be the most important information which should always be displayed at the top. The same is the case for the ‘Classifications’ widget: Klopotek supports all industry standards (BIC, BISAC, Thema), but users can choose which one(s) to focus on. As an example, a member of the Sales team is likely to be interested in an internal classification which displays various types of sales information, while´someone in Marketing who works for the US market might want to see the BISAC information at the top of the dashboard. The ‘Prices Per Copy’ widget, which gets data from the standard price list, can be changed to include prices from the past, if desired.
Product Quality Manager (EN)

Product Quality Manager (EN)

Makes it easy to monitor and enhance metadata quality on both a (large) title list and a single product level Backlist titles are often used as templates for creating new titles in ERP systems without checking in the first place if all metadata will be correct for the new title. And there are various other reasons – such as switching to a new system, adapting to changing market requirements, acquisitions of products from other publishers, etc. – why titles are often associated with wrong or incomplete metadata. Improving your metadata will ensure that your titles are more likely to be found on the Web, and you will benefit from a greater acceptance among your distributors. Our smart tool brings monitoring and improving metadata to a STREAM app level: easy to work with, accessible from anywhere and on any type of device. To cover all relevant aspects in this area, Klopotek’s Product Quality Manager provides two views on data management: the (large) title list and the single product level. Title list level: check and manage large lists in a smart and simple way The intelligent adaptive user interface shows all relevant information from different angles: the overall metadata quality level of the respective list, the progress of improving the data quality as the publication date of titles nears, and important quality issues. Individual watch lists enable the users of your organization to keep track of the quality status of all titles in the list, to identify issues and areas where information is missing, to compare the quality level of titles, and to track the ‘bad’ ones. All widgets can be configured based on user-specific criteria – including imprint, division, subject, user assignments – to create lists of titles that are tailored to the team that works on these products. Our specific widgets of the Product Quality Manager summing up information on a title list level are the following: - Information on the overall metadata quality level for the selected lists - An intuitive chart view on the process of improving the data quality to make reoccurring issues and errors clear - The same widget (configured differently) can be used multiple times which makes it easy to compare data and / or get a complete overview of the entire product pool Single product level: see which types of metadata need adjustments next to scheduled publication date As this STREAM dashboard technology product is an extension of our highly configurable Product 360° app for a comprehensive overview of product information, widget ‘families’ for both metadata and general product data can be combined to give all types of users (data quality managers, but also editors and people in production) exactly the information they need. The specific widgets for enhancing metadata quality on a single title level are: - An overview of the data quality status of the title - Information on which types of metadata are incorrect or missing - A list of all criteria to provide high-quality metadata with a drill-down functionality to single rules - Workflow-based quality checks - Information on the product family (quality status of different editions or version types) All industry standards, such as ONIX, are fully supported. The app can also make title import processes that are necessary for retailers such as Amazon smoother and help to clean up your product pool.
Inventory Manager (EN)

Inventory Manager (EN)

Klopotek’s Inventory Manager can help you reduce costs across the supply chain, as it enables you to clearly determine when your publishing products should be reproduced. This is made possible by making use of two views that can be presented next to each other: A full ‘observer’ or ‘monitoring’ overview of your entire stock inventory and all titles (or specific groups of titles) In addition to standard KPIs such as ‘critical stock’ and ‘minimum stock’, this smart app also takes into account forecast figures and real sales. Forecasts are automatically calculated based on reference sales figures and adjusted to each individual product. In addition, minimum stock values are automatically calculated based on the determined forecast figures. This is also helpful for estimating the required minimum stock for new productions. As the difference between forecast and real sales is made transparent, your users in Title Management, Editorial, and Production can determine the best possible moment when additional stock or products should be ordered. A detailed view at title level for specific products that are particularly relevant Next to the comprehensive ‘monitoring’ overview, the app can display all relevant information at single title level. As the data is directly accessible and understandable at one glance, your users can directly decide on production-related actions, e.g. reprinting. With the Inventory Manager, you can avoid overproduction without a loss in sales and achieve an in-time production process.

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STREAM Title Management Apps

Apps für die Metadaten-Verwaltung

Sie wissen, wie wichtig es ist, qualitativ hochwertige Metadaten nach außen sichtbar zu machen, aber leichter gesagt als getan?

Titel- und Werk-Strukturen verwalten

Wenn Sie das geistige Eigentum Ihrer Autor*innen in 'Werken' und Titelfamilien organisieren, werden SIe deutlich effizienter – vor allem bei (vielen unterschiedlichen) digitalen Formaten.

Title Life Cycle Manager

Unsere integrierten Apps machen alles um die Metadatenverwaltung leicht: Sie brauchen hierfür kein eigenes Projekt, sondern erledigen alle notwendigen Aufgaben neben Ihrem Tagesgeschäft. Dies wird möglich, weil Sie Ihre eigenen Workflows auswählen oder selbst erstellen und so festlegen, welche Daten zu welchem Zeitpunkt in welcher Qualität hinzugefügt werden müssen.

Intuitive Prozessschritte machen es möglich, sich ganz auf die jeweilige Aufgabe zu konzentrieren, während die Apps aber kontrollieren, dass alle im jeweiligen Schritt notwendigen Metadaten beachtet und erstellt werden, egal ob Titelarten, -informationen oder -strukturen gerade im Fokus stehen.

Title Life Cycle Manager

Drei anpassbare Apps in einem Tool für schlankere Workflows im Lektorat

Auf der cloudbasierten STREAM-Plattform können Lektor*innen drei in einem leistungsstarken Tool zusammengefasste Apps nutzen, um Titelarten, -strukturen und -metadaten hinzuzufügen und zu bearbeiten. Alle Workflow-Schritte laufen auf jeder Art von Endgerät leicht, intuitiv und klar ab.

Der Early Title Manager ist eine smarte App, die es Lektor*innen ermöglicht, erste Titelentwürfe anzulegen, ohne weitere Applikationen oder Module mit diesen Daten zu belasten. Auch wenn es in einem solch frühen Stadium erst wenige Informationen zum geplanten Titel gibt, stehen Planungs- und Budgetierungs-Tools zur Verfügung, um eine Erstkalkulation zu erstellen.

Der Title Structure Manager unterstützt beim zeitsparenden Erstellen und Definieren der Charakteristika neuer Titel, indem er individuelle Titel-Vorlagen unterstützt. ‚Titel-Familien‘ machen es möglich, unterschiedliche Versionsarten und -formate derselben Werke bzw. Inhalte miteinander zu kombinieren.

Mit dem Title Metadata Editor passen Sie durch Nutzung unterschiedlicher Szenarien die Titelpflege Ihren Bedürfnissen an. Indem Sie genau die Attribute und Daten verwenden, die Sie benötigen, und Ihre Auswahl Ihren Erfordernissen entsprechend anordnen, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihre eigene Benutzeroberfläche und Ihren eigenen Workflow für die Titelpflege zu bestimmen.