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Task and milestone planning, communication with internal and external business partners, break-even analyses, ensuring the flow of metadata, requesting quotations, placing orders, managing suppliers, ... – all covered


In production, bringing your titles to market on time requires that many of your suppliers’ products are delivered early enough. Will everything arrive within the right timeframe? Do you need to react quickly to delivery or shipping problems? Do you need to switch vendors or ask for cooperation? And can your suppliers contact you easily, pointing to the right order they need to talk to you about?


To achieve reliable and cost-efficient procedures at your Editorial and Production departments, employ our cloud-based STREAM app Calculation Manager for pre- and profit & loss as well as production costs and technical calculations.

Key features and benefits
  • Supports Editorial and Production with preliminary, profit & loss, production costs, and technical calculations based on edition/publication level or on the ‘work’ (intellectual property) – preliminary estimate, production estimate, final calculation

  • Products are ‘manifestations’ of a work (calculations to compare & summarize the costs for the products you consider creating can easily be done)

  • Preliminary costs for Editorial Meeting; complete overview of all production costs and information on when the break-even point will be reached; drill-down into detail option

  • Export functionality (create PDFs to be shared for decision-making)

  • Create & work with templates for specifications to save time; create templates for complete calculations

  • Cost & revenue elements are configurable

  • Sub calculations for comparing costs; as many of them as you like can be displayed next to each other

  • Option to split costs; values created by the system and/or entered manually

  • Full integration into the STREAM world

Calculation Manager

Planning & production processes made more accurate

Think and start planning in ‘works’


Managing ‘works’ (intellectual property) and creating products based on these works helps you to be more efficient. You, of course, have the option of working on the edition and publication level, but this app also enables you to run all calculations based on a work across all ‘manifestations’, so calculations to compare and, more importantly, to summarize (in an overall view) the costs for the products you consider creating can easily be done.

Reliable figures for both Editorial and Production


So, for a work, there are options such as a preliminary estimate, a production estimate, or a final calculation. But it also possible to create several calculations of the same type for a work, or to run a calculation across an entire life cycle. All cost estimates – however detailed they should be – that are relevant for discussions at the Editorial Meeting or for the the Head of Production to make decisions, can be output using this app. 


In Editorial, you’ll be able to support the ‘from planning to approval’ process with preliminary and P&L calculations that are as detailed and precise as you need them to be. 


At your Production department, you’ll benefit from a complete overview of all production costs and information on when the breakeven point will be reached. From this general overview, you can go into the details of the production costs, for example to understand how much one single page will cost. 


Calculation Manager provides an export & flyer creation functionality, so PDFs with key data for meetings and decision-making processes can be created.


In some cases when placing production orders, several order items need to be created for one single order. This is made easy and straightforward with the cloud-based STREAM app Purchasing.

Key features and benefits
  • Generating several order items/lines for one single order made easy

  • Fast and simple creation of order lines using a mass upload functionality (e.g. from MS Excel®)

  • Create and export order documents: email, PDF, docx

  • Full integration with STREAM apps (Mail Merge Manager, Title Life Cycle Manager, etc.) and the Classic Line


Purchasing: smart purchase order management for your production processes

Fast and simple creation of order lines for items using a mass upload functionality


Here is an example from the calendar business:


Using the Title Life Cycle Manager app, you can, for example, export your products from the previous year (which are to be reused for the new year) to MS Excel® and modify the number to be published.


Then, in the Classic Line, you simply create a (=one) basic purchase order.


In Purchasing, you can now search for this order and upload the edited spreadsheet: a parser will import the data and create the various order items for this purchase order. 


Generation of purchase order documents (email, PDF, docx) based on data sources


As Purchasing is integrated with the admin app Mail Merge Manager, it is possible to generate and export order documents: these can be part of an email you'll send out, or PDF or MS Word® files.


Other types of sophisticated purchase order documents can also be handled as a result of the full integration of Purchasing and Mail Merge Manager.

Suppliers Online
download (1).png

Suppliers Online supports an important organizational part of the production process of publishers: the order and controlling processes of vendor services.

Key features and benefits
  • Supports publishers in their order and controlling processes of vendor services

  • Provides publishers with a fast and reliable overview of orders placed for several suppliers, their statuses, and the time planning, resulting in maximum transparency

  • Enables production staff to work efficiently and reduce costs by utilizing electronic data transfer

  • Simplifies communication between suppliers and the publisher

  • Allows suppliers to check production tasks with target dates

  • The authorization process is guaranteed by an inherent approval workflow

Handle order and control of vendors with ease

Suppliers Online provides publishers and vendors with an overview of placed orders, the statuses, the time schedule and all communication activity. It allows both parties to manage and adjust the orders directly in the system as the order is being processed, keeping all users informed at all times. It enables users to quickly adjust information in a smooth and intuitive way – such as scales (uploading new price lists) – and supports the planning activities of production managers by showing if a vendor is available for a new project. Vendors can use the tool to check production tasks with target dates by means of an interactive, configurable dashboard.

This control panel provides clear, up-to-date information:

  • Have new orders been placed?

  • Which tasks are in the process?

  • Which ones have been completed and signed off by the publisher?

Users of Suppliers Online at publishers will find the purchase ordering process simplified through the use of automatic order placings for specific vendors based on the metadata of the Production system.

Notifications when an order has been placed or adjusted help keeping publishers and vendors up to date in their projects. There is also a chat window for direct communication between the publisher and the supplier as well as for placing and accepting orders. This messenger service can highlight changes in the status of orders and stores all messages that have been sent. With an inherent approval workflow, the authorization process is guaranteed: the vendor must approve or refuse orders assigned to them.



Perfect management for your production projects and so much more: check out our STREAM app Scheduling and the user-specific Notification Dashboard

Designed for You: Our Title Management, Editorial, and Production Processes

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